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Cover songs better than the original


Once again, I really like the original but I also enjoyed Nonpoint’s cover of In the Air Tonight from the Miami Vice film soundtrack. It was also a nice nod to the original’s inclusion on the TV show.


Sorry Billy Joel. But this take it.


I really like Five Finger Death Punch’s covers of House of the Rising Sun and Bad Company.



Aww Billy Joel… why the fuck is he not more famous? u_u

A true living (still) legend of music.


Back in the ‘90s, when he said he was retiring from making new material, people said his career wouldn’t somehow be long enough to warrant inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But there’d be very little point to such a thing without him in it.


Yeah well the people from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are idiots… not news :smile:

I just wish more people knew him and his music… one of the greatest american songwriters =/


First James Taylor on Carol King’s ’ You’ve Got A Friend’.

And probably the best cover, ever, Joe Cocker’s version of the Beatles ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’

OK I’m showing my age.


What the fuck are you two talking about? Are there people who don’t know who Billy Joel is? I think you’re imagining his obscurity. :wink:

Also, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame almost two decades ago.


Hum anyone under 30? :smile:

Seriously though, a lot of young(er) people don’t know who he is, though they might know some of his songs…


Yeah, not saying I didn’t know Billy casts a long shadow.

And, not saying that this is Joe Cocker:


If you’ve never heard of Postmodern Jukebox, here’s your new favorite thing…


He sold out Progressive Field in Cleveland (where the Indians play) and several other stadiums along his tour last year. We had friends that were only able to get tickets because of some special credit card early availability promotion. So maybe it’s just the crowd you run with. :wink:


He’s played Madison Square Garden pretty much consistently for the last 3 years straight,.


Was just looking up Progressive Field thing to confirm my memory, I think I saw that he had also sold out Madison Square Garden for some kind of record number of times. I’m not sure how much laud must be thrown at Billie Joel’s feet to satisfy these two yahoos. :wink:


Clearly more than enough.

Now let’s just get back to how Boys II Men totally owned that song.


Why are they wearing sunglasses on stage like they’re blind?


If it was good enough for New Edition



We recently saw On Your Feet! The Musical based on Gloria Estefan’s life in Cleveland and I was reminded how much I like her music.