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Cover songs better than the original


Almost every one of the classroom instrument songs the Roots do are better than the originals



Green Carnation!


I have to say that I was floored by the covers on the deluxe edition of Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Stage.” Between the Buried and Me’s “The Anatomy of…” is likewise stuffed with great covers.


MJ’s Cover of The Beatles’ Come Together

U2’s cover of The Beatles’ Helter Skelter:

Disturbed’s cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence (Which is so good, that some people call it a Disturbed Song instead of a Simon and Garfunkel Song):

Draiman’s lower range then Simon’s and then the jump to a higher octave for “In the naked light I saw…” makes it more emotional IMO. Simon even wrote to Draiman calling it “Really powerful”.


Speaking of covers of Simon and Garfunkel songs:


OH GOD YES!! I love this song!!


Yeah I have a couple of Between the Buried and Me covers in my list… Bycyle Race & Three of a Perfect Pair, both pretty awesome indeed.


I disagree with the two Beatles covers, but that Sound of Silence cover is amazing!!


Speaking of the Sound of Silence, and what I was talking about earlier… here’s a “cover” of that song by Nevermore:

Now, as I cover, I don’t find it particularly good because it really sounds NOTHING like the SoS… but as a metal song, it’s pretty good… in fact, I don’t understand why they didn’t just release it as an original song, with an original tittle & lyrics… what was the point of this being a cover? I mean, sure you can hear the influences here and there, but you can hear influences from something else in pretty much every single song in existence… =/

So, while technically we call them “covers” I don’t think it’s adecuate to put them all in the same bag…


I think that’s the best kind of cover. Take a song and make it your own.
Something like Cake’s I will survive is amazing

And this is my favorite Black Sabbath cover.


I put “Helter Skelter” there, because that song is called “Proto-Metal” and with Metal not being fully developed, or being so new that Sir Paul didn’t “get” it at that point, when The White Album was recorded, in retrospect, now that Metal has developed, it feels like something’s missing. U2 added a more “Metal” vibe in Rattle and Hum that "fills that hole"
MJ’s cover is on there because it feels like he added a dimension, that of him being a Black singer with the word “cracker” in the song; he certainly emphasizes it more then the Beatles’ original, it it seems to be on purpose.
Meanwhile, I strongly disagree with @YoungDuke’s inclusion of Cocker’s Beatles cover; Yes, his voice is better then Ringo’s, but the whole point of the song was that it was written in Ringo’s small range, for Ringo to sing. Also, Cocker takes a “Light Rock Ballad” and turns it into Gospel, for no good reason, and it just doesn’t work IMO.


It was a Male Vocal Cover of Nightwish’s End of All Hope that got me into metal. Holopainen is an unsung (pun not intended) musical genius.


I can’t believe I have got this far into the thread before remembering the greatest cover ever.

I present for your auditory entertainment Ghostlines - A Brave New World

And the original Iron maiden version of the song.

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I wouldn’t say it’s better than the original, but as an example of how to do something different with a cover, I really like Robbie Williams’ Supreme, which kind of covers Gaynor’s I Will Survive, but also does its own thing. It’s an interesting take, and it’s a bit strange that so few people seem to do something like it.

Great video, too.


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You lose if you’ve posted a Simon & Garfunkel cover. Nobody beats Simon & Garfunkel. I mean here’s one which neeeeeaaaaarly does

Close, but no cigar.

Here’s a better version of Born To Run tho


First Aid Kit is awesome.