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Cover songs better than the original


Speaking of Maxi Priest, I was in the record store over the weekend and the guy working had some of his music on the turntable. So we started talking about UK reggae. Turns out he was a huge fan of another British reggae group who I had never heard of called Aswad. However, I am evidently quite familiar with one of their songs.


Aswad are one of the biggest British reggae bands ever. I’ve seen them live a couple of times.

Due to major West Indian migration into the UK starting from the very late 40s to the 70s I was raised on a diet of reggae and ska and combinations of that. When I started high school the best ever band was Madness who played pretty much ska. It was ever present on the radio.

A fun fact is the lead singer in Aswad, Brinsley Forde, was probably the first native born black TV star in the UK when he was a kid.


Evidently, they never made it much over here. The guy I was talking to was a huge fan and had to go to England to find the record he played.


From my experience of viewing the US Top 10 show with Casey Kasem in the 80s very little reggae or ska did despite being massive in the UK. A different cultural makeup at the time I think.


Well a good cover doesn’t always need to be too different from the original song. As for the loud guitars, well, to be fair most of those covers are from rock/metal bands (I actually have around 7000+ rock/metal covers on a folder, most of which are quite bad), so yeah, comes with the territory :smile:

But, I like the punch it gives to the songs, sometimes a song just needs a bit more oomph and better production =P

Edit: Btw, interesting tidbit, it seems that the most covered band (at least by rock & metal bands) is… depeche mode… huh… you’d think something more rock-ish, no?

Edit2: Huh, I really didn’t like that Maxi Priest song, and I usually don’t like that type of covers where they just transpose the original song into a different style (unless it’s REALLY well made).

My main issue would be that the MP cover completely loses the “feel” of the song, it’s just a typical raggae song that happens to be a cover. But eh… you know, tastes and all that…


This is one that often gets cited as a favourite cover, but it’s never worked for me - it feels overblown in a way that I think goes against the spirit of the song.


Part of its appeal, I think, is that it totally changes the way a Beatles song is sung. I think everyone can agree that the Beatles are responsible for a lot of great songs, but their vocal range is pretty limited, especially considering they have four members, none of whom vary wildly from each other, when you think about it. Cocker’s expressing “With a Little Help” in the kind of dynamic vocally the Beatles otherwise bring musically.


Yes, and I guess I’d rather people used covers to try something different than sticking too close to the original.


I have to laugh as I agree but that perspective nearly got me banned many years ago from the Warren Ellis forum where a thread was started on the world’s best singers.

Many were touting John Lennon and I said he’s a genius songwriter but not a top class vocalist at all.

Ellis replied that I was not a genius as I claimed to be (I didn’t at all in any way) but a fucking idiot, I think he may have been drinking.


A friend of my wife and I plays keyboard for Richard Marx. When Marx tours Europe, it’s just him and our friend a lot of times. Evidently they opened for Cocker on one German tour. I guess they would pack up and head out while Cocker was doing his set. Then, Cocker and his manager would get in his Mercedes, hit the Autobahn at top speed and pass them sometime in the night.


Well, also, there’s a thing about “covers”… not all of these songs are covers per-se, we just call them so cause it’s easier… But there’s a difference between a cover and a re-interpretation of a song.

A cover is literally a band that just plays a song from another artist, but when they start adding changing the song in a significant way, it’s not a cover anymore I think… it becomes something else… an “homage” of sorts or a re-interpretation as I said.

Like the Hellsongs I posted earlier… as covers? They’re not good covers, they’re completely different and completely change the spirit and feeling of the OG songs… but as re-interpretations? brilliant.


do parodies count as covers


Two somewhat different covers of the same song that I enjoy greatly: “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” originally by Baccara.

The first cover is by Chiwitel Eyjofor(sp) for the movie (the original) “Kinky Boots.”

The second is by Sophie Ellis Bextor and I like it because I love her voice.


Technically also features the original artist, but the Fallon/Roots accompaniment makes the song infinitely more appealing to me.


I love Iron Maiden but this cover is batshit nuts and I probably prefer it to the original. I have no idea why.


Cradle of filth also have a great cover of no time to cry by the sisters of mercy


I think there was some kind to terrible typing mistake there.
That’s no great cover…
Dear god :sob:


I’m still a big fan of the original but I love this cover of Redemption Song by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. It’s like three of my favorite musicians coming together in one song.


Isn’t a parody just a parody? :thinking: