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Cover songs better than the original


The black crows are not better than the Velvet Underground in any way.
Ever. :expressionless:


Oh hadn’t see this thread… I’m a HUGE cover collector, I’m gonna blow your minds (though some of my picks have already been posted) :stuck_out_tongue:

But let me start by sharing this gem re: the very first post of this thread (Work it out), it’s not a cover per-se, because it’s actually a mashup, but simply put it’s one of the best mashups (and sort of a cover) I’ve ever heard…

Oh let me slip in another brilliant mashup while I’m at it (happiest Nirvana you’ll ever hear =P):


Let’s start it with some really hot ones:

Give A Little Bit - The Goo Goo Dolls (Supertramp)

For What it’s worth - Shaw & Blades (Buffalo Springfield)

The Seeker - Rush (The Who)

Ruby Tuesday - Scorpions (Rolling Stones)

Action - Denander & Vikström (The Sweet)

Fat Bottomed Girls - Antigone Risisng (Queen)

And last but not least, Life is what you make it - The Gathering (Talk Talk)



Nightwish’s version of Phantom of the Opera is pretty fab.


Janis Joplin’s (actually Big Brother and the Holding Company) version of Piece of My Heart was actually a cover.

The original was by Aretha Franklin’s older sister, Erma.



So is he covering himself here?

I really can’t agree. The slower, unplugged era Layla always felt a bit neutered to me. :wink:

Edit: I never realized that while he wrote the song, Clapton was not the first to record it. Interesting.


Along the lines of songs written by someone that later recorded it but was not the first, I really love Willie Nelson’s demo for Crazy.

I’m not sure that this is the version I had heard before but I love how he left it open to where it could be recorded as country, doo-wop, blues or other styles.


aright second batch biotches! enjoy =)

LA Woman - Days of the new (The Doors)

Wild Wolrd - Mr Big (Cat Stevens) this is pretty famous, but gooood…

Tragedy - Celldweller (Bee Gees)

Electric Avenue - Powerman 5000 (Eddie Grant)

Wicked Game - Green Carnatio (Chris Isaak)… there’s a lot of good covers of this song, but this is my fav cause of the awesome dreamy vibe…

Heart of Glass - Skin Diary (Blondie)… awesome video

Dear Doctor - Dr Sin (Rolling Stones)

Jean Genie - Blockbusters (Bowie)

Ring of Fire - HBlockx (J Cash)


Missed this one before. I think Rucker did a great job but honestly prefer the Old Crow Medicine Show original. Didn’t realize that Bob Dylan co-wrote on it though.

I used to really like the Social Distortion cover of Ring of Fire but I don’t think it has aged well.



The cover I like the most is one that appeared in one of those old talent shows… but was never able to find a proper version… so, oh well =P


Which song?


Uh that’s nice, I didn’t know that one… sounds pretty good :+1:

My go-to cover for that song is this one, but I might replace it… =)


Oh I meant Ring of Fire… sorry xD

I found the video… too bad she didn’t record a studio version =(


That cover is kinda bizarre and creepy. Almost like Marlyn Manson’s version of Sweet Dreams.


ha! Yeah a little bit… I like her voice though, her super raspy voice fits a cover of cash, and I liked the oriental ambiance… It would’ve made for an awesome cover, but alas! Just a little snipet in a stupid reality tv show…


Small bonus round: :smile:

Thunderstruck - Hellsongs (AC/DC)

Symphony of destruction - Hellsongs!!! (Megadeth)


I’m not quite as enamoured with a few of those that just seem the same with louder electric guitars and long haired blokes bobbing heads along to them, although that could be a potential easy career.

This Wild World cover in the UK is more famous than the original which somewhat amazingly was never released there.