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Cover songs better than the original


On another note…


So much better than the Beatles in every way:

(Note: the clip is titled “live”, but it’s not. It sounds like they’re miming to the initial studio demo, the production isn’t as polished as the album version recorded at Abbey Road but I think I like it better.)

Also note: performing on a rooftop a year before the Beatles thought of it :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t know when they thought of it.


I do. In The Beatles Anthology book it’s revealed that Paul expressed an ambition to play on a roof while at school, on the 7th April 1954, around lunchtime.

So I’m afraid David is wrong again!


I’m happy to be wrong on the joke part of my post while noting that nobody has disagreed with my assessment of the cover :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not, or have ever been a Goth :rofl:


Leo Moracchioli just has fun with it.



Not sure if this one’s better, but it’s definitely great.


Yeah, Moracchioli’s great covers of bad pop songs could fill this thread.
(Nothing against Toto, he also covers great songs :slight_smile: )

Speaking of metal covers, the Bee Gees are okay, but what Tragedy does is way better.


Geburt Einer Nation is rivethead as fuck.


Nothing is better, but it is a great version.

Also I don’t understand how this thread has gone on this long and this hasn’t been posted yet:


New Order covers:


I don’t like to be harsh with fellow posters but it is embarrassing that you didn’t even know a basic fact I made up.




I have to say that we need to emphasize or keep in mind the BETTER part of the thread title and not just post covers.


Thanks, @alx.


This drum cover of Enter Sandman definitely has something that the original lacks…


You can’t tell me what to do. :wink: