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Cover songs better than the original



This one blew me away. Found out about it day before yesterday.

This is the original.

And this is the cover!

(Yo, is the sound level miserably soft for you? Like it’s playing at 2 and I want to crank it to like about 7.)



I much prefer this cover to Muse’s original. However, I do like the vocal only version of the Muse song.


I think I prefer it too :slight_smile:

While I like Muse’s songs, whatisname’s voice is a bit annoying.


So, I found out that one of my favorite songs from the 80’s is a cover. Laura Branigan’s “Self Control” is a cover of Raf’s “Self Control.” I prefer Branigan’s.


Heard this version first before the original by Bill Withers.

It’s good to dance to, but the original version just edges ahead for me.


Another in the “songs I didn’t know were covers” pile: the Temptations’ version of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”. Here’s the original by the Undisputed Truth:


The Temptations’ cover was released four months after the single by Undisputed Truth, and is the better version.

Of course, I will always love the Undisputed Truth for their hit “Smiling Faces Sometimes”.


This was a big surprise when I learned about it.

Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” is a cover.

Umberto Tozzi recorded “Gloria” in Italian in 1979.

Jonathan King apparently released the first English translation.

And then there’s the version I’m most familiar with. It interesting how the song has been altered in its presentations. The Tozzi and King versions are obstensibly love songs, while Branigan’s is more mid-Hi-nrg torch song.


Ironically enough, a cover of a Temptations song.


Are either of these covers better than the original by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles?

You decide:


I prefer the brief acapella version at the front of EnVogue’s “Hold On.”


Another in the “songs I didn’t know were covers” pile: “That’s What Friends Are For”

The original by Rod Stewart:


Not musically better than the original, but the stage presentation beats every other version…





Hrm… do remixes count as covers?

Heather Small: “Proud.”

Proud QAF remix. I like this one better. The original is too… pop. The remix brings out the gospel notes in Small’s voice, which is one of the things I like so much about M-People, which Smalls fronted.


Of the three covers of Ellie Greenwich’s “Sunshine After the Rain” I’ve heard, I prefer the original, but the others have their charm.

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