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Cover songs better than the original


The original




I used to have the same haircut that Dexter Holland sports in the original video.



I’m usually dismissive of TV talent show contestants, but I put this here because:

  1. Her voice is far better than Cobain’s
  2. The house band is musically superior to Nirvana
  3. I really like the arrangement
  4. I know #1 and #2 are going to really piss off the Nirvana fans among you :stuck_out_tongue:

(But I really do think it’s better than the original, which I think is a good song to start with.)


Are you high? That sounds like a parody of the Tori Amos version that shifts into a more produced version of the original.

Also, The Voice tends to be pretty good as far as vocal competition shows. It’s the only one my wife will watch though it’s been some time since we watched it regularly.


I’ve never heard the Tori Amos version before. I like that too (it’s also better than the original).


Was thinking the same thing.


They both have their merits.

This is one of my favourites from a really bad horror movie soundtrack. But it introducedme to this version. So it’s forgiven.


I’ve said before but usually the vocals in all those shows are very strong. The Voice maybe moreso due to the blind audition aspect but even on Idol or X-Factor there are amazing singers.

The reason they don’t churn out many stars that last is that’s not really the most important part of being a recording artist. The voice needs to have character, so even those most known for their vocals like Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey or Frank Sinatra you can recognise within seconds. Then there’s the songs and then the attitude, I think most massive pop and rock stars over the years would get chucked off in early rounds for not being ‘nice’ enough for the voting public.


Oh holy tacos… this is… loses ability to speak


I love this cover of “These Boots” it’s simultaneously sassy and menacing.


KMFDM got into a groove of doing a cover version on every album for a while. None of them were as good as Boots, but I quite enjoyed them

And of course

Which they re-recorded in English

And again in Italian (but I can’t find it on Youtube)


I’ve been listening to Randy Crawford’s original recording of this song and the “Vampire Princess Version” aka the cover Nicole Kidman recorded for “Moulin Rouge” which begins with the song’s second verse, “I follow the night, can’t stand the light.” Being a continually recovering night hawk, Kidman’s version speaks to my thwarted goth soul, even as Crawford’s speaks to my romantic side.



I’ve been watching a few of these rock covers from The Voice on YouTube (this seems to be mainly European versions of The Voice; British contestants don’t do rock), and I’m coming to the conclusion that the song is just as important as the contestant. As soon as a well-known guitar riff starts, the judges are all smiling and nodding along, before the vocal even starts. They’re already pre-disposed to like the contestant because they know the song.

But this is another part of the package with our best rock stars, of course: writing compelling material. No matter how great the winners of The Voice might sound, they won’t make a career out of singing karaoke (though there is quite a thriving tribute band circuit).


It was exactly the same with that talent show the BBC did, where the gimmick was that there were 100 judges who had to show their endorsement of the act by standing up and singing along. Maybe even more so in that case, given the participation aspect.




And the original:


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