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Cover songs better than the original



Found out today that Sigrid covered Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows for the Justice League film. I was quite intrigued that something good might come out of that mess of a film (I presume, I haven’t watched it myself), but then hearing it now I’ve got quite a bad taste in my mouth. Sigrid’s vocals themselves are serviceable, she’s a great singer, but she doesn’t even begin to deliver a fraction of the gravitas Len himself puts forward on that track. But the musical arrangement of the track is completely horrible, just overblown, uninspired and naff, and doesn’t even attempt to chime with the spirit of the lyrics. What a mess. The cover is to Leonard Cohen’s original as the film attempt of Watchmen is to the comic.

So to clense my palate I’ve turned to some other Scandis who very successfully covered Mr Cohen’s material, in a way I think he’d have really approved of.

Oh look, it’s First Aid Kit again.


That looks amazing. I’ve only listened to a few minutes but I’ve bookmarked it to watch the whole thing when I have time.


When I first heard this song, I did not know it was a cover of a Johnny Mathis song:


I’ve found that in single doses I love Leonard Cohen, but if I try listening to a whole album, he’s insufferable. He’s not really a singer, in my estimation, but a poet (which he is) who found a sweet gig chanting his poems. And sometimes the results are sublime, and sometimes they are what they are, because he is after all not actually a singer.


I want to share my love for Therion and their Abba cover Summernight City.


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That was brilliant :+1:


They also did a whole album of covers of French chansons in their typical operatic metal style, called Les Fleurs du Mal. Worth listening to, especially if you know the originals.

My favorite Therion album is Secret of the Runes though, which centers on the realms of Norse mythology. They should’ve used some of those tracks in the Thor movies.


This is stretching the definition of a cover, but it’s so amazing that it has to be heard. Jolene, slowed down, has a completely different mood:


There’s a lot of tunes - not digitally slowed down but performed to a slower tempo - being used recently. Black Lightning has a bunch of them. (Luckily they didn’t mess with “Family Affair” - can’t mess with Sly’s voice.)


That’s fantastic.


I’ve heard it before but I think it asks some very fundamental questions. Does the same exact music sound more important played slow or acoustically?

I was listening to BBC radio and Kiki Dee played “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. It’s a jaunty pop song by design, she did it slow and acoustic, very deep. :smile:


John Lewis clearly think so. Every Christmas.


I hope they tackle this next year.

The ballad version would be amazing.


This one too.


I was thinking more this.


This is probably the ultimate challenge for a John Lewis version.

Make that a ballad!



Actually, if we’re talking slowed down versions of songs, I don’t think you could slow this one much more: