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Cover songs better than the original





(I’d be surprised if more than 4 people recognise this)


Izzat … Underdog’s daddy?


I’ve been on a big Nouvelle Vague kick the last few days


I’m pretty sure there’s a pill for that.

Actually, I really enjoy their cover of The Killing Moon.


If this is a sickness I don’t want to be well


Two covers for the price of one (not a mash up before you ask) - Theme from Taxi and Cheers. Defy you not to smile :slight_smile:


And simply because The Wildhearts are the best band in the world, and Geordie beats Wales-y(?) this:

Ice Hockey Hair (Super Furry Animals) (god, that last 2 mins)


Heavy metal (Slayer and Cannibal Corpse) ukulele covers. Watch them in order… there some, er, connective tissue between them.


I do enjoy this version much more than the original.


Yessss!!! Go Evil Captain Marvel!!! With Superman on bass!!


Chvrches do tend to absolutely nail the covers they do, I particularly enjoy these ones

I don’t think either of them would class as better than the original, but they’re both really enjoyable. Here, however, they’ve managed to get something interesting out of what was a right boring-fest in its original incarnation.


Bastille cover Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop in the Live Lounge plus a little bit of achy breaky heart



That was surprisingly good. We’ll done.


I love this “Love Song” version. See what I did there? :slight_smile:


Foo Fighters’ cover of Baker Street ditches the sax crime; a big improvement:


This is what I meant to post


Best Mylie cover EVER!!! U.S.A.!!!