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Cover songs better than the original




I would suggest Pictures at an Exhibition by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but I’m not going to post the versions for comparison because none of you have the attention span to sit through 80 minutes of music :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got an Atari Teenage Riot live album that’s a single 40-minute track of industrial noise. You sit through that and then complain about attention span.


Also, I was on a CHVRCHES trip the other week, and was reminded of this

and this


I’ll see that and raise you Cage’s Variations VII, which is 60 minutes of household appliance noise.


I’ve been to see Einsturzende Neubauten live.


Ah, you win. I’ve never seen the full band, just F.M. Einheit (playing with Stephen O’Malley).


I saw them after Einheit left, it was the Perpetuum Mobile tour. So they’d mellowed out, but you know, NU Unrhue was reconfiguring a table wired up to the sound system to hit cables at one point, dragging bricks and metal rods at another, and spraying a bunch of soft drink bottles wrapped in cling film on a turntable with compressed air at one point. Rudolf’s drum kit was giant cogs and sheet steel, and they did also play a collection of drainage pipes for one song.


I do think that’s the type of music you need to experience live. I would never honestly choose listen to an Einsturzende Neubauten album, but watching Einheit attacking breezeblocks with an electric drill was mesmerising. Likewise Cage, I wouldn’t buy an album of Variations VII or Cartridge Music or whatever, but I would jump at the chance of hearing any of them again in concert.


Great version.
Not better though, the cover was never used in The Hunger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I usually don’t like piano covers of metal songs cause they usually just play everything as they would with a guitar and it’s just a contest of who plays faster and it ends up sounding boring, but this arrangement is spectacular…


That is lovely.

Although inevitably it makes me think of this.


I love this Frightened Rabbit cover of Whole of the Moon:

And it’s not on YouTube sadly, but I saw Karine Polwart doing an amazing cover of John Farnham’s You’re The Voice last year, and I really want her to release it but she hasn’t


Love Primus.



Prefer this one… by far =P

Atlhough the washing machine is pretty awesome too =P


please tell that was the most convenient clip you could find and not because you actually watched a private school movie about vampires.


the CHVRCHES cover of Bela Lugosi’s dead was recorded for the Vampire Academy soundtrack, it’s not on either of their albums.

Also, don’t judge me.


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Also, don’t judge me.