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Cover songs better than the original


That’s pretty good… but live, so I’ll pass =(

I like this one tho…


Speaking of Dylan, I always liked this cover… I wouldn’t say it’s better than the original, but it’s as good in its own way:

Actually Ministry has quite a few good covers, now that I think about it :thinking:


Raise you

Chris Cornell Nothing Compares to You

Also outcasts Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker

Metallica Tuesdays Gone

Metallica Carol of the Bells


If we’re going for lots of metal covers, I offer this post I made last year:


You realize Eddie Vedder is a grunge singer from the band Pearl Jam, right? :wink:

Pearl Jam does a pretty great cover of Rockin’ in the Free World sometimes even with Neil Young’s help.

Edit: Fuck. That video was from 25 years ago. This must be how @davidm feels. :wink:


I like Pearl Jam. And I especially like Vedder’s voice.

I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with grunge per se, I’m not sure where you got that idea. It’s just that most of it seemed to come from mediocre musicians and/or unimaginative songwriters :stuck_out_tongue:

What is there in that Neil Young cover that makes you define it as grunge? To me, it’s just rock.


I dunno… maybe… :wink:

I do think there’s a lot of mediocre music that got labeled as grunge. Nirvana and Pearl Jam were the only two bands that I was ever really into.

I wasn’t saying it’s grunge per say just that it was a good cover. Though I do think Neil Young is the granddad of grunge.


I do like that (and agree its better than the original) but it was really heavily polished/produced to make it listenable. I’ve got a bootleg collection of acoustic Metallica performances and its got the original broadcast version of the song on it and its rough as fuck in places - a lot of dud vocals particularly stand out.


Are you familiar with Sturgeon’s law, perchance?

(or to forestall pedantry, what Theodore Sturgeon called his revelation, while everyone else calls it Sturgeon’s’ law)



That reminded me of this… =P

Oh and this version is pretty good too:



I like Volcano’s 1995 cover of “That’s The Way Love Is.” It’s just so… joyous compared to the original which is a bit depressing.

The original by Ten City



Ha! That’s really good! :smile:


I liked the guitar harmonies in the middle but as for the rest… I dunno… not that much… kinda loses the song’s playfulness at that speed… but it’s a nice version =)

except for the guy blowing at the mic… that was just plain… cringy =/

Anyways… this cover apparently gets a lot of hate… don’t know why… I find it’s a very good version… and no, not because of the video :wink:

video sounds like crap, but couldn’t find better =/


You can close the thread:


That’s technically a mashup, but Tragedy’s got some yummy covers (mainly beegees)


Deadly close to the emotive blister of the Bee Gees…


Cover of: