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Cover songs better than the original


I’ve been reluctant to post this because I really like the Joy Division original, but after some reflection I’ve decided I do like this version more:


Hmm. It almost sounds like they’re trying to do it as if Fleetwood Mac (in the style of Landslide) was covering it. I’ll stay with the original.

Speaking of Landslide, I enjoy this Smashing Pumpkins cover.


In the realm of covers that really shouldn’t work but somehow do, I really like Dolly Parton’s cover of Stairway to Heaven. I even like the line she added near the end of the song.

The video quality on this one is poor but the sounds is pretty good.


I think there’s more chance that Fleetwood Mac were trying to do Landslide in the style of this :wink:

June Tabor has been around forever and always sounded like this (though the Love Will… cover is pretty recent).

Here’s a Dylan cover that’s (IMHO) better than Dylan:


She sounds more like Grace Slick there. It’s possible that she influenced both her and Stevie Nicks. It’s also possible that they influenced her over the years as her style sounds quite different in those two songs.

I like some Dylan but to be fair, he’s a better songwriter than performer.

Case in point:

And a slightly newer one:


I’m also a big fan of covers with rap incorporated.



Exactly how I feel. Brilliant songwriter, but I can’t think of a single song of his that somebody else hasn’t done better!


Just to clarify: the “like” of Todd’s post was for his audacity, not because I think it’s a better cover :stuck_out_tongue:


Another Dylan cover I love:





But David, the Boney M cover is from the 1970s!


Sorry Smokey Robinson, the one from The Beat takes it




@RonnieM I’m currently in a beach town in southern Thailand, living the life, and there are two live music bars right next to my hotel. In the last 15 minutes, each one’s house band played the Metallica version of “whiskey in a jar” (and played it well, too!)

In keeping with the spirit of the thread, I always enjoyed this cover by my first favorite band of

how do you embed this from your phone again?


Now I know I already won the thread, and this doesn’t strictly count as a cover (it’s more of a medley), but Lucky Chops are currently my absolute favourite jam and deserve to be shared.


I just discovered today that the George Harrison song Got My Mind Set On You is a cover when I heard the original played on the radio.

I’m going to go against the spirit of this thread (and popular opinion?) and say the Harrison cover version is absolute garbage in comparison to the original.


That’s my train station at work, Chris, so I approve your post!!


This is a toss up
Like 1 and 1A…


How can you tell it’s Metallica’s version?

Just curious, what defined them as being Metallica’s version rather than anybody else’s version?