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Cover songs better than the original


I have maligned. I issue a challenge for a duel!


I’ll be honest I’ve barely heard of him, he may just be popular in certain small circles.

If you got out of your bubble and wandered uptown to a random girl to tell her about it I very much doubt she would know him, pop into a bar and ask the piano man and he’d be unable to play any of the songs.

I don’t want to be harsh Ronnie but you are a bit of an innocent man when it comes to these things.


Besides what Gar said, I’m not american, nor live in the US, so yeah I’m sure he’s a bit more famous there… but I’m talking about world-wide fame… kinda like you MJs or your Bowies, Elton Johns etc…

To be honest, even people from my generation (and from not-the US obviously) don’t really know him though again, they sure have heard some of his hits since some of them play frequently on oldies radio stations.

My point was that he should be A LOT more famous than he might be, even in the US.



I vaguely remember hearing one of his songs in a movie once, I can’t remember which one but it was during a scene in an Italian restaurant.


Surprisingly, that’s really good.

(I say “surprisingly” because my default assumption is that anyone who spells like that will be rubbish. That will teach me to pre-judge :blush )


I thought he was mega famous :smiley:

He even got name-checked on Legends of Tomorrow. That’s how you can tell you’ve made it :wink:


Just because his name got mentioned on one of your 70s shows when he was a young up and comer doesn’t mean he’s still famous today.


I accept. You choose the time and place. I choose dance knife fighting as the method.

I think you might have missed the point of that post. :wink:


No, no, I got that he was being sarcastic with his song-title game, however he made a great point (even if by accident) about asking a random person on the streets and seeing how many of them know him.

Anyways… whatevs… not that invested in an off-hand comment to debate this anymore. As famous as you or anyone thinks he is, I just wish he was even more famous (worldwide).



Probably someone already put this…
But, just in case.


YES!!! This is great!!


Once again the original is pretty incredible but I love Nirvana’s cover of Leadbelly’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night.

Edit: Replaced with a much better quality version.


I think your edit failed, Ronnie. I’m looking for the better quality version but I still see Kurt Cobain :confused:


Did you listen to it? :wink:


I’ve heard it before. It’s a good arrangement, but I’m not really a fan of Cobain’s voice.


I can’t say it’s better than the original but it’s an interesting cover:


Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad


Iy’m sorryyy Iyyyy just don’t lyyke that kyyyynd of sqeakyyyy waiyyl (which is really had to parody in text :confused: ).


Either you’ve never heard Kurt Cobain sing, or you’ve never heard a squeak