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Cover Art For A Short Daredevil Story


Hey, so I’ve decided to start some Daredevil fan-fiction that focuses on Matt Murdock before he became Daredevil or decided to go to law school. I wanted to get some cover art to have something to be able to show it off and entice people to read it.

The story will be: Before Matt Murdock took on the Daredevil mantle, he made a crucial decision to attend law school. It was calculated to bring justice to those who truly deserved it, both in and out of the courtroom.

This is how he calculated that decision. He’s young and foolishly believes he can protect his neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. He believes he can change things, but finds there are deeper and darker threats looming in places he can’t reach. There are injustices that he can’t rectify with the use of his fists and there are things that his mentor Stick couldn’t teach him.

This is a limited series that’ll be released in 6 parts that tell the story of why Matt Murdock decided on becoming a litigator along with the man without fear.

I can’t offer a lot in terms of money (I can pay $15. Sorry, I’m a college student. I’m giving what I can) and of course a ton of credit. I’ll be promoting everywhere and having friends share it. And I’ll be talking up the lovely artist who ends up deciding to work with me.

It’s a six part short story that I’ll be posting every 2 weeks. I went to try release the way a comic book issue would be released. You can find the first part here:

Thanks if you take a read! You guys rock!


Sounds interesting…


Hopefully, you enjoy the first if you take a look. You an artist?


Yes, I am an artist and a writer (and a huge Marvel fan). I used to do line-art similar to David Marquez (Civil War II, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man). But, I’ve recently gone into digital paintings and incorporating them into comic art like Ariel Olivetti (Venom: Space Knight). I wanna try a new style, basically.
Here’s my DeviantArt, for a portfolio.

I’d also be happy to collaborate with you in terms of writing. I currently have a series in progress named M.I.S.T. VOLUME ONE, which shows our world if random children and teenagers started to develop unusual abilities and powers.



Sure! What kind of stuff do you need writing wise? Like talk story or script?


What do you mean?