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Could this kid be Young Han Solo?


I scoffed before I clicked and then was hypnotised about 3 seconds in, promptly sending it off to my chum Phil Lord. It’s astonishing…



He played a young version of Harrison Fords character in the ‘Age of Adaline’.

He was pretty good, to be honest.


If Phil Lord doesn’t cast Taron I’m going to be pretty annoyed.


I would like to see him read something new. He’s mimicking Harrison Ford’s performance here. I would like to see if he could actually inhabit the character.

I would love to see another actor who got their big break in a Millarworld movie make it big.


I’ve been saying they need a complete newcomer for Solo, this guy is a whole lot closer than any young actor I can think of.



Han Solo is all about, for lack of a better word, the swagger. Cocky but not obnoxious. Self aggrandizing AND a little self effacing, which is a really tough double bill.

Plus, he has to be handsome but not pretty.

I think Taron can pull it off.


Doesn’t have the right mug.
I wouldn’t mind Taron playing exactly that sort in the SW universe though, at all.


I don’t think that it matters how similar to Ford he looks. Han Solo is the attitude, not the face.


I think it matters a little bit.
Taron has the attitude, but it’d take me out of it.


I agree with Patrick but I think they’re close enough in appearance that with a few tweaks like hair styling and clothes you wouldn’t notice.