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Could someone explain to me why Joss Whedon just got chased off Twitter?


Loads of people are saying he’s sexist/racist. Is this referring to AoU or something he’s said in the the media? I may have a cloth ear, and got up to go for a slash midway through, but I didn’t spot anything untoward in the film itself. Have I missed a massively misogynistic subtext? Did my 5 minute tinkle make me miss some militant right wing ad-campaign half-way through the flick? What’s up?


Comic book fans. That is why.


Whedon sexist/racist?!? I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen the movie and haven’t heard anything about the hubbub. Based on previous experience Whedon would be the last person I would label with those moniker.


Gar posted this self-explanatory image over in the Ultron thread:

It’s basically over how some people have decided to perceive Black Widow in the latest Avengers movie.


I just saw a thread of all his hate-tweets and I was aghast? You’d think he’d just screened ‘Birth of a Nation’ whilst burning copies of The Female Eunuch.


AoU weren’t no Birth of a Nation - but this is why fandoms are crazy. Or can be crazy,.


How do I blow up that image so it is readable? It is way too small to read…


Sorry, can’t help you, I just grabbed Gar’s link.

Though, all in all, you don’t really want it to be readable!


It’s insane. I have no idea why you would react to a stranger like that - it’s just weird. I bet he feels like crap now too, just because some idiots decided it was his turn for the Twitter equivalent of a shoeing.


Whedon and Marvel Studios suggested:

A woman can’t have a fulfilling career and life if she is not a mother.


A woman who is unable to have children is a monster on par with the Hulk.

That is why some people are angry. I’m sure he was getting terrible tweets about everything under the sun right now, though. People can be garbage on social media, we all know that.

The other reason he could have temporarily killed his Twitter is that he had something to promote, and now he doesn’t. People do that all the time too.


I’m just going to be over here, facepalming


Spoiler tag?


Did I really spoil anything?


Nah, you just confirmed I watched a completely different movie to everyone else!


Some people are just assholes, that’s why.


Speculation is above.

Alternatively, he’s just doing what he’s done before. Via EW from 2013.

WHEDON: [Responding to a question about resurrecting past shows…] Now everybody is like, ‘Are you going to remake Buffy? Are you going to Kickstarter?’ My blanket answer is ‘No.’ It’s not a question I’m interested in hearing again, which is why I quit my other job—Twitter.

EW: You’ve quit?

WHEDON: I joined six months ago to specifically try to drive business to Much Ado About Nothing because I figured Much Ado needs all the help it can get. The moment I joined, oh my God, what a responsibility, this is enormous work—very fun, but it really started to take up a huge amount of my head space. I’m making a movie, I got a responsibility, this job doesn’t pay very well. It’s a fascinating medium, it’s a fascinating social phenomenon. People are like, ‘It’s like a drug.’ Yeah, and it’s like a job. It’s just another art form. Until I have a script I truly believe in or a tweet that’s really remarkable, I can just walk away and get back to the storytelling I need to do.


Well, not everyone, but different people have different experiences and different things that they see and get upset about based on those experiences.

The movie probably got off to an auspicious start in that department with cast members publicly calling Black Widow a slut and a whore in interviews, and then giving “apologies” that were somehow more dickish than the original comments.




Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner.

Renner is the one who took it up a notch when people got offended. He’s a real charmer.


Well that was dumb.

Maybe the comics Black Widow is a bit of a seductress but I never really figured that translated on screen.