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Millarworld International Cosplay Contest featured some very interesting entries. I don’t cosplay myself but love seeing the costumes people put together along with the hard work that goes into making them. So this is the thread for that. Post your cosplay. Post your making of pictures or video links if you have them. I would love to see the stuff that didn’t quite make it under the deadline for the contest.

This thread is not affiliated with the contest as that is done. So you can also post any cosplay you like.

Millarworld Launches International Cosplay Contest!

I have tons! Mostly Marvel cosplays with the occasional Millarworld and video games cosplays thrown in :slight_smile:
I also have tons of photos of my WIP and just started making YouTube videos. I cosplay on a budget in the corner of my flat, so I like to show people how they can do it cheaply too :slight_smile:


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I got into costuming (is it cosplay if you’re filming? I prefer acting :wink: ) with the purpose of making a short fan film with my wife and daughter, over the last 3 years it has gotten out of control! :wink:
I few screen shots from one of our unreleased fan films:

Riding on the van:

Waiting to film:


Very cool.


Well I have a couple that may be of interest


Groot is amazing!!


These are awesome!
Based on your cosplays, you might like my Domino one :slight_smile:


groot is an absolute ball ach! still have it. legs have disintegrated a bit and stairwells are a bitch.
always remember bathroom accessibility!


One hallowe’en I saw a Groot cosplay, but it was baby groot. The guy had a huge plantpot around him which he would pick up and move to his spot in the dancefloor then just plant himself and start dancing.


These are awesome! .you might like my deadpool cosplay.


It looks cool.