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Cordelia Swift #1 free for 48hours…only


Hey guys and girls,

I did this last Friday with issue #1 of CHUNKS and the response was overwhelming.
I gave away over 70 free PDFs…
Yeah, I know it was free, so of course people are going to want a free comic, but based just on doing this I know that a few people went online and paid their hard earned cash on issue two too!
I received numerous compliments from readers and CHUNKS now has more people reading it than it had before, which is great.
It is all I want, It’s not about making money.
I just want to get my comics in front of as many people as I possibly can!
There is no point having a comic if no one is reading it!

So…….With that in mind, WHO WANTS A FREE PDF OF CORDELIA SWIFT #1?

Same deal as before.
It’s gonna be free of 48 hours and 48 hours only!
If you want one, DM message on here or if you are not a member drop me a message via website:!contact/m84yv

So, GO!
Clock ticking!


me me me


sure fella.

Also, i’m doing this for 48 hours now, because i forgot about July the 4th holiday! :smiley:




“First one is FREE!”

You evil, evil Garvey! :laughing:


First taste is free, buddy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a dollar you owe me now.


I will offer my customary endorsement. Cordelia Swift is great, with some lovely Eisner-ish art.

Also Mrs. Jones really likes it…although she married me, so that’s no guarantee of taste :wink:



Sorry @Miqque where are my manners.

It’s 4th of July.


Very kind of you to say, Sir.
Thank you!


Yes. I’d like to read it.


Well, hello there…


Less than 12 hours left, kiddies!


Last hour!


aaaaaaaaaand we are done.
Thanks to everyone who requested a copy.
Hope you like it!


Hey, Awesome job! Just read it, and immediately went onto comixology and ordered number two. Thanks!


Oh wow, thanks mate!
Glad you liked it :blush:
Thank you so much for buying number two too…
My plan is working…
Maniacal laugh :smiling_imp:



Exactly, I am a muppet…wait what!