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Copperopolis and the Swansea Comics Collective.


Bore da all!
In 2008 I was drawing at the counter of the comic shop I work in and one of my customers, Pete Taylor, introduced himself, told me he was an illustrator, we then went on to gas about how we were constantly drawing but never finishing anything, making up stories but never completing them etc. He suggested that we start a comics collective, put a poster up in the shop and ask the other customers if they wrote, pencilled, inked etc and would like to attend the meetings to create and self publish some independent comics. 7 years in and we are still going strong, we are completely non profit, all the money we accrue goes straight back into the collective, it pays for the printing of our comics and materials etc, nobody pays themselves and all the hours and hard work we put in, is off our own backs. To date, we have run many workshops in our area teaching kids to make and appreciate comics, held in places like the local museum, schools and community centres. We also attend as many of the con circuit events as possible, one of writers, Ricky, has been as far as Belfast and Glasgow selling our wares, which is a massive undertaking when you are taking your own time to do it and not getting paid.
We have self printed lots of work but our main title is a comic called 'Copperopolis’
It’s a tale of super powers and mythology set in the city we live in and the surrounding areas. We have printed two issues so far and are currently working on the third, we have sold over 2000 copies altogether, which we as a group of misfits are pretty proud of.
So with all that said, I’ll point out that this wasn’t a call to sponge the shekels from your wallets, I just thought I’d share the tale with this amazing community and hopefully show other like minded creators that although you aren’t going to retire any time soon, you can have a lot of fun and meet some great new friends along the way, if we inspire anybody to go out and create something from start to finish, then we’ve done our job.
Please feel free to have a gander at our comic, here’s the first two issues, we hope you enjoy and maybe inspired to do something similar in your area.

Copperoplois Issue 1

Copperopolis Issue 2

Iechyd Da!

You can learn more about us if you so please, here be the links, come leave us a comment or like our facebook page blah blah blah!


Thanks for the reading material, Mark. I’m looking forward to it.


You’re welcome mate, hope you enjoy :+1:t3:


did you get a chance to have a look Ronnie?


@Sanjay here you go mate.


I’m so sorry, man. The last few days have been pretty busy. Will try to transfer these to my iPad and read them soon. I’m very much looking forward to them.


I finally got a chance to read these last night.

Copperopolis #1 & 2 - I like homemade comics. I like people with the audacity and so much love for the medium that they just make things for the fun of it. This book doesn’t disappoint. It has a fun premise that allows multiple creators to collaborate. At times, those multiple voice make it difficult to suss out what is happening but not incredibly so. I like that everything is streamlined into a single story and the inclusion of Welsh words. The later made me think of @garjones. Parts of the comic remind me of Millarworld’s first, unofficial anthology, A Fistful of Comics. I really like the heart in all of this. Good work, @sonofken and company.


Ah bless, thanks for taking the time to read, critique and leave me the feedback, it’s very much appreciated. I get the disjointed thing, it’s sometimes difficult to make it gel when there’s so many creators involved. Like you said though, it’s only a bit of fun and it keeps us creating and passing on the thought that anybody can make a comic if you work together, whether it’s shit or not is neither here nor there to us, we know it’s not going to sell a million copies but 2000 copies of a self published indy is pretty good by anybodies standards I reckon.
Diolch yn fawr iawn, Ronnie!! :+1:t3:


I think you should be quite proud of what you and your collaborators have put together. Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks Ronnie, I’ll pass it on to the guys :raised_hands:t3:


@VantageInhouse hey Victor, here’s some bunf and links to our title for review, thanks.