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Cool things to do in London!


I take my oldest to London every year for a wee pre-Christmas treat and each stage she’s a little older and we slightly change the plan. We get the first plan down, last plane back and have a brilliant day. We always take in a West End show and, traditionally, we do an hour at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. But I’m always looking for things we haven’t seen and since time is limited between flights it would be great to stay as central as possible.

Unusual places for lunch would be great. I took her to a Japanese place that projects an image of the food on your plate from an overhead projector and you order by swiping different meals last time. I always like to take her places she hasn’t been so if anyone has any great recommendations. She’s in her late teens now so unusual pub suggestions welcome, but also cool shops etc too.

Any thoughts?



Has the West End Hamilton started yet? If so and you can get tickets , I highly recommend that

Edit: Crap! Wifey just said it opens next November. It might be a good time to start securing tickets for next year’s outing. :wink:


There are some nice bars, a few have a good concept like The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town;

The bar is fine, only a bit quirky but not amazing, it’s walking in through the fridge that sells it. :slight_smile:


Have you tried Bubbledogs on Charlotte Street yet? Nothing but champagne and hot dogs, but the latter are not your normal hot dog.

For beautifully presented cocktails in a fantastic setting, try Nightjar on City Road. They served me a rum cocktail in a painted ceramic skull decorated with real (dead) chocolate-covered worms.

Compared to these places, other pubs are too normal.


The best bar I found in London last year was the Natural Philosopher in Bethnal Green. Great booze and a delightfully perplexing architectural model to ponder over cocktails.

And if you’d like some more unusual Japanese food, I love Abeno by the British Museum. Okonomiyaki (a noodle pancake sort of thing) cooked at your table.

And Boxpark in Shoreditch lets you get your shop on, with decent enough food and drink at the same time.

Have fun.


East End, etc, a little further out than we have time for. It’ll be 1130 by the time we get in, 1230 by the time we’re out of the fairground and we need to leave around 5 for the flight home and we need 2 plus hrs for the musical we’re going to. I’d like to get another couple of things in there but need to keep it pretty tight area wise I think.

Many thanks all!



The Playboy club is just outside of Hyde Park where the Winter Wonderland is? Hmm, maybe not.


Take a bag of nuts and stay in the park feeding squirrels.

It’s what I always do.


Kind of swanky, but the bar in the National Portrait Gallery has some great cocktails, and basically is the view from Skyfall.

Click for the panorama, the site’s cut off Nelson’s Column…