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Who here on the forum travels around to various conventions? Since I started getting into cosplay I’ve been going to more and more, and already looking forward to LSCC next year! Do you guys have any plans to go to conventions, or do any of you also cosplay?


I do 6 or 7 conventions a year, 3 in the UK and 3 or 4 overseas (usually North America). My next will be EasterCon in Manchester, followed by CONvergence in Minneapolis (which, every year reminds me how great a convention can really be), then Nine Worlds in London and WorldCon in Kansas City. I don’t cosplay, but I love seeing it; I love seeing people wearing their passion for the genre.


The only convention I’ve traveled to is Emerald City Comic Con which is in Seattle. It’s the best con in America that isn’t a madhouse like San Diego and New York. There’s a bunch of cool conventions in the Los Angeles area, so I don’t need to travel much.


So the wife and I are going to Fan Expo in Toronto this year and there is a Frank Miller add-in where for $99 US you get a lithograph, entrance to his panel, and go to the front of the line for his autograph signing. We can certainly afford it - it is a vacation and all - but I’m trying to figure out if it is just a waste of money for an artist that I enjoy but don’t particularly admire.


Been a cosplayer and attending cons for over 10 years now! I mainly stick to cons here in the Northwest, but this year I traveled to San Jose for Silicon Valley Comic Con to meet the Back to the Future cast (so worth skipping Emerald City for!). :slight_smile: I also attended the huge event in LA for the 30th anniversary of BTTF. That was insane to say the least (5 day event!). I maybe do about 4 or 5 cons a year with all but 2 of them being smaller cons. Unless something special pops up!


Will you regret it if you don’t do it?

I’d definitely go for it but then I’m a great lover of his work.


For the same money you could buy 20 beers or shots at Lincolns, assuming you can find the door again. :slight_smile:


I’d certainly pay that for Frank Miller! He’s a comic book legend :slight_smile:


Thanks, all. If I think of it rationally I don’t think I’d regret not spending the money but I am prone to suffering non-buyer’s remorse.:smile:


Hrm, Whilce Portacio is a guest at an upcoming convention - I’m not too fussed about any of the other big name guests though.

@Tim, are you going?


It hasn’t been on my radar but I’m hoping to start a new job around then and, to be honest, I’m basically basing my entire calender around that faint hope (inc. Weekends).


Alamo City Comic Con next weekend. SAM KIETH!!!


Portacio is one of the two Image founders that I haven’t met.


Way back in the 90s boom, Whilce, Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri were guests as OzCon, my first convention. I got some books signed back then, but I’d love a Portacio sketch…


Portacio and McFarlane are the only two I haven’t met.