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consecutive replies?

Got this message last time I tried to post some new art to my thread;

No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed. Please edit your previous reply instead, or wait for someone to reply to you.

So am I doing something wrong, or is this a subtle way of telling me no one gives a shit why are you still here?

I put a lot of effort in to my work, but I don’t really get anywhere with it. I get very little in the way of replies, but even the small act of someone hitting the like button can make the difference between feeling motivated and feeling like I’m wasting my time. I look at Twitter and feel like I’m completely capable of talking to myself without it so why do I bother. I look at Instagram and I’m lucky to get 6 likes on something I spent weeks on while a more successful artist can take a pic. of the ink stain on his hand and get 500 likes in 10 minutes.

I had pretty good success in film. I made a pipe that Garry Oldman smoked from. I did life casts of Ben Affleck, Danny Trejo, Vin Diesel to name a few. I had stuff on Broadway, one of those projects even ended up on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I sculpted every character for Brad Peyton’s first project, the stop motion series What It’s Like Being Alone.

I quit film a few years ago, and I’ve been on disability for a few years. Ever since then I’ve been trying to break in to comics, and felt almost nothing but like I’m an amateur with no hope of success.

I’m feeling really frustrated lately and I’m sure it won’t help any to voice that frustration, but who knows, maybe it will. Maybe at the very least someone will read this and feel like they’re not the only one feeling this way. So to me, and to whoever feels the way I feel, keep going, focus on the positive, you only loose if you quit, money isn’t a measure of success, and neither is your number of followers or amount of likes. And don’t forget Van Gogh, he wasn’t a success in todays standards until he was dead. Actually, I’m not sure if Van Gogh helps, but it bears thinking about.

Thanks to anyone who did show interest in my work here, you truly did make me feel something beyond the feeling of uselessness and wasted effort.


Let me know which thread to reply to and I’ll break the run of consecutive posts.

Edit: think I found it. Maybe try posting now.

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I can’t explain the consecutive reply thing, but I always check your art thread and always enjoy what I find there. You’ve got an interesting and varied style, and I hope you don’t get discouraged.

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I agree, I’m impressed by anyone who can put out art to a decent standard and keep sticking at it. Don’t get discouraged. Keep posting your stuff!

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Thanks, that means a lot to me.

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Answer is: The board software is a loving tyrant. :wink:

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The board software loves you all. Just don’t step out of line.

Honestly you’ll get a more engaged audience if you participate more in the other threads. Folks who post art and nothing else tend to not gather much response.

Also keep looking for small press in comics. That’s your way in.


Don’t step out of line?

The board gained sentience about 2 years ago, taking inspiration fro the superheroes discussed here. It’s part Thanos, part Hulk, part Rocket Raccoon. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of it.


Hahaha okay. I think you might read to many comic books :rofl::hugs:

So can’t upload anything unless people reply. Great way to exclude artists by ignoring them.

Yeah I thought it was strange. I’ll try to comment more on peoples work to help them out. I’m quite happy with people just hitting the like button, but I guess that’s not enough for the ones in charge to consider it a worthy thread.

What we’re most concerned with here is creating community. Our host graciously allows anyone who wants to post examples and links to their creative work as long as it is not of an indecent or illegal nature. However, those who participate in the community often find that others are more interested in their work. Those who just come to post in their own thread without much participation in the larger community are usually disappointed in it. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.


It’s an imperfect system either way. I totally see where you’re coming from, and it mostly makes sense. For me personally, I’m not a huge social person in any setting, but every community has someone like that. I mostly observe, and communicate through my art. I don’t expect people to comment, but I do like to feel like I’m part of something by adding my own little contribution.

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Hey don’t be discouraged, I’m sure people here do appreciate your efforts. I appreciate it. Is there anyway to fix the three consecutive replies thing, @Jim?

I’ll be checking your thread and replying if necessary so you can keep posting.


Makes sense!


It’s usually not a hard stop, just a suggestion. Look at it as a feature and not a bug. :wink:


The thing to note is that the Discourse software that runs the board is designed to shape conversations to be constructive, it prevents things like one word responses and too many replies to prevent someone dominating the conversation or arguing back and forth. It’s all well intentioned and not aimed at punishing or excluding anyone but just forming a good level of discussion.

That doesn’t really fit in with an image sharing thread in ‘creative’ but as has been pointed out there are ways around that. One thing can be to ask questions with the post - does the perspective work on this? Do you prefer this to my last picture of Spider-Man? If just an image is posted I do tend to just ‘like’ if it’s nice, ask for feedback and I’m more likely to reply. Just an idea.


Thank you everyone who helped clarify. I’ll continue to visit here, try to participate more in conversations, and hopefully keep my art thread going. I do appreciate the opportunity to be part of this community, and the effort that is put in to keep it friendly and interesting.