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Congratulations! You just won the lottery!


ICongratulations! You just won the lottery! The rule in this lottery is you get unlimited funds start a business (or invest in the one you currently own). What do you start up and why?

For me I’d open my own gym. On one of the major roads here is the former location of a Wal Mart (it relocated across and up the street). It’s in a well trafficked area of town and while not in the best area, not even close to the worst. It’s perfect for what I have in mind.
After acquiring the location I’d approach three people to join in as a co-op: one owns a BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA gym; the second owns a Krav Maga gym; the third owns a Crossfit box in name only - they do their own programming and are certified instructors for SOFLETE, GoRuck, SEALFit, Spartan Group Exercise (SGX) and a few others.
Each gym would have their own areas, interlocking and easily accessible by each. I’d have a student lounge area with diet/nutrition area, couches and a TV that will be used for viewing parties of UFC fights and other get-togethers for gym members. In between the male and female locker rooms will be a coed recovery area for a chiropractor, ice baths and sauna. A mini Spartan obstacle course would be built behind the building.

But here is the real purpose of the gym: I’d also have buses to pick up children at all schools across the city for free after school care and drop them off at home if needed. They’d learn the self defense of their choice and post class recovery meal for free as well as access to the strength and conditioning coaches. If that didn’t interest them, they’d have an area in the student lounge to do homework with tutors. On the roof of the building will be a greenhouse where they’ll grow foods, harvest them and eat them.
During the summers and in-school year breaks child care will be offered as well, buses running routinely to pick up points throughout the city.
The kids would learn life skills not taught in schools such as how to balance a check book, cooking and nutrition, community philanthropy and the like as well as tutoring of subjects they need assistance in. The concept of the gym would be community philanthropy and creating better citizens through guerilla means - giving kids and adults a place to go and grow mentally and physically.

So what do you do with your winnings?


When I was running the bar a guy approached me to help start a company called Pub Co. Bascially take a model for a bar, and acquire lots of other owner operated bars so you end up with a network of maybe 1000 locations. They’d each have their own look and feel (so not a chain) but you’d share marketing, promotions, operations costs and negotiate better deals with the alcohol and food distributors.

It didn’t happen as he couldn’t get the funding, but for a few weeks it looked like a possibility. It’d be a fun business to start.


Unlimited funds? As in, it wouldn’t matter if the business failed commercially because I could keep on subsidising it from my unlimited funds?

I’d open a library.


I would mount a hostile takeover of all your new businesses.

ESPECIALLY any libraries.


Did you read my post? We’d kick the shit out of you if you tried.


Oh Will. You adorable ragamuffin.


I used to daydream about the things I’d do with a lottery win, mostly they’d involve pumping money into a new british comic industry.

I expect I’d lose an awful lot of money.



Actually, let me fill that out with more detail.

I’d try and Partner with 2000AD to start pumping out several new titles - a horror book, a war comic and more. Anthology titles in the main. Both creator owned And work-for-hire (I think both have their places).

Why? I think 2000AD have the talent to do multiple books, and the internal staff to do them (though knowing how much Matt Smith does, he may need a couple of sub editors!) but having chatted to various people over the last few years launching a new newsagent led title costs a fortune, using my lottery win to absorb that cost could open up the industry.

Then locally, I’d open up a large small press centre/comic shop - ground floor comics and that, middle floor, photocopiers/meeting rooms for people to just sort of hang out. I’d open something like that in all major cities.

This is all though brewster’s million’s level of massive spending with probably no way to make a profit…



I’d open up a big-assed bookstore, at least 20,000 square feet of floor space, and fill it up with books, graphic novels, magazines, CDs, LPs, DVDs, and blu-rays.

Provided that physical media still exists by the time I get it built.