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Con questions?!....HELP


Hi Guys and girls,

I need some advice from you lot……yeah, I know I’m scraping the barrel! :wink:

I’m going to be doing my first con in May at MCM London!

That’s right, I’ve got a table and I will be selling my comics.
I’m gonna have physical copies of both CHUNKS and The Adventures of Cordelia Swift for you to come and buy.
Which is great, I’m really excited.

But, then it hit me the other day, I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing!
My con experience as a whole is incredibly limited, I’ve only ever been to Kapow!

So, what are the major Dos and Don’ts when selling my comics at a con?
If you are a seller, what are the pitfalls I should avoid?
As a customer what do you hate sellers doing?

Little help?




Wear as skimpy of an outfit as possible to maximize your appeal to customers. :wink:

I’ve been to Wizard World Chicago a handful of times and my buddy used to run the Cape Comic Con in the small town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I always hated sellers who wouldn’t even look up when you were at their table or were grabbing you/putting stuff in your hands. Shoot somewhere in between. Be friendly. If you have any kind of retail/sales/customer oriented background, you’ll be fine. I get the feeling that you have a lot of personality and really love your comics. Share that. Try to give your potential customers an “in” to what you’re selling.

I thought @VictorC did a great job with his Paper Street Comics set up. I’m not sure how much he’s still around but he would be an excellent resource.


Well that’s a given!
I’ll actually be wearing a CHUNKS t-shirt that i had printed of #2 :blush:

I was thinking about doing a twitter competition to give away a “clean” T-shirt to the first person who finds me at the con and buys both issues of CHUNKS and Cordelia Swift!
Good idea?

Oh, i’ll be friendly.
I’m a salesman in my day job, so i’m used to talking to strangers…for money :disappointed_relieved:

I think i need to know about protocols about leaving your booth, do you just your neighbors and strangers not to pillage your books if you need the Loo.
How much change do i take?
Strange questions like that.


Ronnie has basically covered what I was going to say. Be nice. Be friendly. People are going to the Con to have a good time and…I’m not sure if commune is the right word. No, let’s stay with commune. They’re going to commune with people of similar interests and hopefully see some panels.

And be enthusiastic about your books. If you aren’t, why should anyone else be?

What…So…what do you sell? No…Y’know, I’m not sure I want to know. :wink:


oh i am!
I love my books!

Cheers, Simon :smiley:


And while I won’t be at the con, save me copies…I’m good for the money, I promise.


i sell photocopiers and printers…i sell the managed print dream!..badly


This is something you believe in though. So you’re trying to share your enthusiasm for that thing not your enthusiasm to earn a paycheck. :wink:

Do you have anyone that might come with you? It always seems to be nice for a booth to have a second person to make runs or hold down the fort for a potty break. I assume your neighbors wouldn’t pillage if you returned suit.

Roy Thomas is from a little town in Missouri near where my buddy’s show was. So he would come to show for airfare to see his mom. We always joked that we hoped people wanted to see Roy’s mom because she was usually the one at the table. Super sweet lady. :wink:

In my retail experience, we always started with $100 in the drawer. The difference in currency might make things a bit different in the UK. I would charge whole dollar/pound amounts to avoid using change if possible. If it were US notes, I would say do the $100 all in $1’s and $5’s, maybe $40 in $1’s and $60 in $5’s. I’m not sure how that translates to the UK. Do you have a Square reader or the ability to take some form of credit? That would be a great bonus. Otherwise (though I would avoid it if possible), it would be good to learn the location of the cash machine and direct customers. Any time the customer has to leave and come back to finish a transaction, the likelihood of that transaction happening diminishes.


My good lady wife has kindly offered to be my wing-woman! :smiley:
So there will be a couple of us.

with regards to the change, i think it will be tough because you guys have more notes than us. i guess i’ll have to take a LOAD of pound coins!


My wife generally goes to cons with me. It helps on the customer side for lines and stuff too. It sounds like you’ve got a good one that you need to hold on to. :wink:

I hadn’t considered that. Would it be cheeky to charge multiples of £5 for your products? Otherwise, you could find a way to make having all the £1 coins fun for you and your customers like keeping them in a sock tied around your belt or something.


very cheeky, i think.
I’m selling my comics for £3:00 each, which would work out as around $4.34.
if i was over there i’d seel that at $5 a pop, but £5 over here would be too much.
I’ll star collecting the coins now! :smiley:


Hi my name is Matt. I’m the writer of Chunks and The Adventures of Cordelia Swift…What’s that? Yes I do happen to be carrying an improvised Cosh. It’s funny that you should mention that :wink:


i’d like to not mug my intended audience! but we’ll see!


I thought it might be. You may want to offer things that would encourage people to bundle like 2 comics for £5 but only if that works out for your finances.

Liefeldian pouches would be pretty amazing too. :wink:

In the context, I might have an idea but what is a “cosh” other than a hyperbolic cosine. :wink:


Matthew, m’man, let me introduce you to a horrid concept: Con crud.

While my favorite example is Jimmy Palmiotti - who seems to come down with a unique crud at each 'con (and he attends many) - this is for everyone.

Point: Children, especially babies, are plague rats. Avoid them.

Point: One is in a closed environment. Whatever is brought in, stays in. That includes microbes hiding in that 1942 sealed comic book! There is no effective intervention. It Lives.

Point: One can reduce the chances of catching the crud and getting better faster by a) maintain good hydration, b) pre-load for two days before 'con with vitamin C and zinc (those little anti-cold vitamin packs? One with each snack), c) eat sensibly before, there will not be good food nor drink easily available, d) rest before, 'cons are marathons, e) wash hands and face about once an hour (you won’t be peeing, you’ll be dehydrated, so just go do this - more germs land on the face!), and f) take a shower as soon as possible when alone, putting 'con clothes in a plastic bag for washing later and all clean clothes on the body (all the bugs the clothing protected you from holds the germs until they are killed by washing).

Point: Have fun. If you ain’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong!


You hit people on the head with it to subdue them. I believe that I may have heard the word sap used in old movies.


I prefer nickels in a sock to quarters in a sock, as if/when the sock breaks I lose less money.


OK. I know what a sap is.

The conversation makes me think of this scene from Mallrats.


Looks like im gonna come back a bigger carrier than that monkey from outbreak!

Cheers for the advice, buddy.
Much appreciated.


I hear you! I’m doing my first show in April it’s a small local show and the Gentlemen that run’s it asked me to come he like’s new talent. So yeah I feel ya I have the table and all but what the heck am I doing?? lol