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Complete Star Trek Comic


Hi all,

Wanted to share this Trek comic I did recently, to try to entice IDW into giving me some work. I was told they were focusing on the new crew, which is fine, but they still have John Byrne doing those photo novels…odd…

Anyhow, take a look, its a full 22 pages…and it kind of hints at an early Borg encounter…very early…

Thanks, feedback welcome!

you can download the PDF (8.5Mb) here:

Star Trek - The Swarm


Hey buddy,

Absolutely fantastic work!
Your renditions of the avast is spot on, especially Spock.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the fighting scene:

Up the fighting postures font look dynamic enough for people having a fight. They look a bit stale.

The strange thing is, artists I’ve met are usually the other way round. Can draw fantastic fighting scenes but the talking scenes are very generic and lifeless.
But yours are amazing.
I’m not even a Star Trek, fan but I could happily read a comic of your characters just talking. Incredibly rich panels

Lovely work.


I really enjoyed it. Very polished and looks very right for old school Trek.


Needs more…


And this

And this


Hi @cesare2016,

I have finally had the chance to read this. The pages are great I love all of the details and camera angles you add that makes it feel like proper Trek. This was obviously a labour of love. IDW were mad not to take you on as I would love to see more Trek comics drawn by you. One small critique on the art is that on the cover and in a few panels Kirk looks more like the animated Kirk or a comic Kirk than Shatner, which is jarring as all of the other characters are so realistic.

Did you write the script yourself as well? I think that it was an interesting and clever story but I did get lost a few times. And I wondered why they decide to work out straight after discovering a potentially dangerous anomaly? I liked the sluggish bit, was that some innuendo from Kirk?

If you ever decide to try again I’d love to script something with you.



Hi Stuart

Thanks for the kind words

Sure it’s not perfect but when’s the last time you read a perfect comic lol

I did write the story and my goal was to use all the tropes that make Trek
familiar to the fans

I am considering doing another one…do you have an outline for a story?

Thanks for taking the time!



Hi @cesare2016,

It’s damn near perfect. I was just offering critique. ;-).

I had a few fan fiction ideas when I was younger but they were mainly next gen era. One was Geordi’s mums missing ship the U.S.S Hera returns from the Delta Quadrant with the crew replaced by species 8472. I also came up with a few crews of my own, U.S.S Orion was a Miranda class ship during the first Cardassian War (so they all wore the burgendy uniforms). This was a proper saga starting in that time period then going to the present day. With the captain being crippled during Wolf 359 and being in a wheelchair after that. The other one was the U.S.S Liberty which was the first Federation science vessel to go into to gamma quadrant after the Dominion War. It was all outlined in my head but never went anywhere.

I am pulling an anthology together and working on pieces for the write off and annual submission at the moment. But will send over some ideas after that.



hey Matt,

thanks for checking out the book!


Kirk wasn’t going all out with Spock…just sparring…more like a chess match in the gym!!