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ComicScene Vol 2 Issue 1 out in 300 Sainsburys

The first nationwide monthly issue of ComicScene Magazine is on sale in over 300 Sainsburys Supermarkets in the UK (while stocks last) alongside WH Smith, McColls, Easons (Ireland) and Comic Shops.

Behind a Roy of the Rovers cover (an article by former editor Barrie Tomlinson) you can find articles on Superman, Striker, Batman, Billys Boots, Marvel UK, Umbrella Academy, Captain Marvel, Oliver, Marshal Law, Comic Cons, indie Comics, Comic Free Gifts, Ron Smith, Mike Western, Rachael Ball, Monty Nero and Pat Mills.

Don’t forget you can also listen to our new Podcast. Episode 2 is out with Cam Kennedy talking about Star Wars and Boba Fett plus chat on Archie Comics, Maus and Commando.

As always we really value your support and hope you can buy the magazine or subscribe at - you get a FREE mug with every subscription in February!


Well done Tony.

Can I just say that I’ve bought every issue so far and the magazine is fantastic.

I like the length of the articles and the material being covered, staying away from the stuff that’s saturated with coverage elsewhere, makes it all the more appealing.

I can’t recommend enough, especially to other forum members who have a particular interest in UK comics, which get very little coverage elsewhere.

The Pat Mills column at the end of every issue is an absolute joy and the articles are all passionate and very well researched and the level of knowledge of the contributors is second to none.
No click bait style sensationalism here!

I consider my finger fairly on the pulse with the comics landscape and very rarely discover new things that I wasn’t already aware of but the magazine has put me on to a number of paths that I’ve been following up, including a bunch of Rachael Smith stuff I picked up a couple weeks back based on the recommendation from one of the contributers.

Needless to say I’ve also been trolling eBay and the magazine has informed a lot of my reading decisions recently in terms of what I’m taking off the shelf to read next and making trips up the loft or to my mothers house for my old copies of titles that are still over there.

Keep up the good work, I hope the magazine continues to grow and I know I will keep coming back to old issues for reference as time goes on.


Thanks - that’s really kind of you

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