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Good news - ComicScene UK, the new magazine for people who love comics, was approached by Diamond to distribute the magazine, so now all comic shops across the UK can order from them. The full story is on our site at
You can still order direct at - get your order in for issue 2 by 26th August to get it by 5th September. 50 years of the Beano and humour comics.
More distribution news when we have it.


Must buy for U.K. comic aficionados
I’m on board


Nice, this looks like my cup of tea, even if it does mean expanding my never ending reading list

I take it there’s no way to get issues 0 and 1 in print?


I can get you a copy of 0 and 1 in print for £15 including postage - just PayPal with your address


Thanks bud


Yep couldn’t agree more mate.


Hey Tony, I’ve sent the money over.

If it’s as good as if sounds then I think I’ll subscribe.

Uk comics coverage is so limited and it’s a passion of mine. The megazine articles and writer interviews in the Dredd Megazine are probably my favourite content over the last few years, as it’s one of the few places I get to read about this stuff.

This magazine sounds fantastic. Looking forward to getting them thru the door.