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Comics to look forward to in 2016


So what books are we all looking forward to this year?

Aside from those ongoings and minis that I’m already currently enjoying, I’m looking forward to Morrison and Paquette’s Wonder Woman: Earth One OGN, and in seeing how MM and Quitely’s second volume of Jupiter’s Legacy turns out. I also can’t wait to see what Brubaker and Phillips come up with once they finish up The Fade Out and move on to something new. Heartless by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay has definitely got my attention too, based on how much I enjoyed their previous collaboration.

What other books in the pipeline should we be looking forward to?

(I think we can take the Millarworld annual as a given for a lot of posters at the moment!)


I can’t wait for Joe Kelly’s return to comics. It’s been too long. Spider-man/ Deadpool and Four Eyes next week. Great start to the year.


Stuff on my hitlist:

Spooks Album 6
The Fade Out Volumes 1-3
The Red Star OHC1-2
Tales of Honour Volume 2
Tokyo Ghost Volume 1
Black Magick Volume 1
I Hate Fairyland Volume 1
Invisible Republic Volume 2
Descender Volume 2
The Mignolaverse Abe Sapien Volume 7, BPRD Hell on Earth Volumes 13-14, Hellboy & The BPRD Volume 2: 1953, Hellboy in Hell Volume 2
The Goon Library Editions 1-3 (not yet read 1)
Astro City
Usagi Yojimbo
The end of Lone Wolf and Cub - Omnibus 12
Justice League: Darkseid War
Strange Fruit
The Tithe Volume 2
Think Tank Volume 4
Symmetry Volume 1
Valiant OHCs: Archer and Armstrong OHC2, Book of Death OHC, Rai OHC1, X-O Manowar OHC3, Ivar Timewalker OHC
Daredevil - Waid & Samnee - OHC4-5
Secret Wars - Finally!
The Red Virgin & The Vision of Utopia - The Talbots latest
Ms Marvel OHC2


Looking forward to seeing the end of The Fade Out and possibly more Criminal. Also, the ends of Providence, MIND MGMT, and maybe Prophet. The new volume of Pretty Deadly.

Getting to read a bunch of comics I’m trade-waiting: Monstress, Southern Cross, The Vision (read #1, but that’s it), The Goddamned, Black Magick, all the 8house books.

Nervously awaiting Wonder Woman: Earth One. After a bunch of pages were leaked, I’m worried it’ll be a real stinker. But, maybe not.

I’m looking forward to Inio Asano’s A Girl on the Shore and Ron Wimberly’s Sunset Park.

More reprints of Corto Maltese and hopefully Lone Sloane and A Distant Soil.

More Christopher Priest Black Panther and Chuck Dixon Robin reprints.

I’m sure there’s some I’m forgetting, but that’s a good start.


o The Maxx Maxximized Artist Edition from IDW
o The second half of Ragnarök
o Hopefully an MPD Psycho issue comes out this year


Second half? So Ragnarok’s going to be 12 issues and that’s it?

I’ll happily go for quality over quality.


Everything Millar. Everything. This could end up being his best year ever.


Oh, say what now? I had no idea these existed. I’ve gotten back into Goon via trades (after not reading him for 7 years or so) and realized how much I missed the book, but also found myself wishing there was an option besides trades. This is great…I hope they have the letter pages too.

I don’t know what I’m looking forward to. I think all the first trades for the current Vertigo series that started in the last two months. They look very good.

Dan Clowes has a new book too.

Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman may be good but I hate how all the current hype around it is “hey guys we’re bringing the BONDAGE back!” It’s pretty groan worthy. I am intrigued by Grant editing Heavy Metal for a year, however.


I agree and can’t wait for all his new stuff this year


Volume 1 is this massive, massive book selling for RRP$40!

Of course, you’ll be able to get it far cheaper than that!

Volume 2 is set for Feb and Volume 3 for June.


I’m not sure but there was a long break there so I call it the second half. That’s all


Fair enough, just trying to decide if I should read or shelve the first OHC.

I know it’ll be great…


Annual aside, very much looking forward to 2016.

A number of new Millar and Morrison and Moore joints, which are always at the top of my list.

More Tom King – Sheriff, Vision, Grayson. Probably some other big things at DC and/or Marvel (I have a sneaking suspicion DC may have signed him to an exclusive recently, because Alonso suddenly stopped talking about him and Vision). He’s the most exciting creator to come around in ages.

Hickman has I think 4 new series coming out this year. I’m in for all, at least to start.

Coates’ Black Panther is going to be inexorably dope. Stelfreeze on a monthly? Please, son. PLEASE.

More Multiple Warheads from Brandon Graham.

Ronald Wimberly has 2 or 3 things he’s announced. This cat is a prince of comic creation.

Hoping for more Genevieve Valentine in comics, though I don’t know of anything on the horizon. She brings a level of culture and sophistication to her books that is very rare, and very appreciated. I’m sure that sounds pretentious, but I just really like that she’s bringing in all these interests that are very atypical in superhero comics.

On a personal note, I’m excited to be involved in some creation of comics. Besides the annual I’ve got much stuff stewing, and I’m hoping 3 or 4 of them will see the light of day this year (a short 70 pg OGN, an 8 issue spy/scifi mini, a post-pulp mini w/ongoing potential, and a subversive scifi coming of age thing are all in various stages of production). I’ll also have at least 2 or 3 short stories to release (all of them atypical love stories), probably online for free, maybe in some collection ultimately.

To 2016!


Nah, Simonson said he can no longer keep up a monthly schedule so he’s following the Hellboy model of arcs. As far as I’m aware it’s an ongoing effort with breaks like that.


Really dug the first installment, but it’s a shame he can no longer keep up a monthly schedule.

Orion is one of my very favorite comics of all time.


I found the quote with a quick search, it is a fair point he does everything on the book, even back in the Thor days he had other artists chip in (notably Buscema).

The model for “Ragnarök” is, in some ways, Mike Mignolla’s “Hellboy.” The way Mike has done it is to put out story-arcs as he goes along rather than doing a monthly comic month in and month out. I don’t know that I have it in me to do a monthly comic again – write, draw, pencil and ink – at this point in my career. It’s just more work than I’m capable of doing in a month. But I hope to do a series of story arcs. The lengths of the arcs will really be determined by the story I have to tell. The first arc is six-issues long because I really want to set everything up. But that’s probably the longest arc I plan to do. I wouldn’t be dogmatic about that, because you never know where your story is going to take you. I’d like to finish one arc, take a month off to regroup, then start working the next arc, so we’ll be able to put these arcs out as complete units as I go along. Hopefully it’ll be interesting enough to have people anticipate them and pick them up as they come up.


As I recall he had Bob Wiack ink him on Orion, and the results were still phenomenal – in some ways better than anything I had seen from him before, excepting Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse.


Do writers even sign exclusive contracts anymore? I feel like it was a trend of 5-10 years ago and the last notable one was Charles Soule almost two years ago, but I don’t follow this stuff closely.


They do, it’s just not announced. Aaron is on one. Snyder is on one. Soule is on one. Hickman WAS on one.

Everyone that goes to those Marvel writers retreats is on an exclusive – it’s a pre-req for being invited. So…Wilson, Slott, Lemire, etc.

I think DC does them much less, to their detriment.


The exclusives seem to be less exclusive than they were, originally they were no other publishers, hence the use of Icon. (Lemire said not long back that his exclusive at DC meant he couldn’t work for Top Shelf).

Now they seem to be ‘no Marvel/DC (delete as appropriate)’ so Aaron, Snyder etc have Image books out.