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Comics that you should like but don’t…

Firstly, please do not use this thread to slag off creators or their creations, because that’s not cool.
The reason for this thread is, about three years ago I bought the first Walking Dead trade.
Read it, it was ok, didn’t really blow me away.
Then recently, I thought do you know what? I am going to give this series a proper go, so I bought the first 8 trades digitally and I’ve been working my way through them.
I finished trade number seven last night and it’s still just not doing it for me.
So, after reading 42 issues, you cannot say that I didn’t give series a damn good try.
But it’s just not for me, which surprised me, because I love a good zombie movie.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it.
It is written really well, the art is fantastic too, but for some reason it just doesn’t do anything for me.

It got me thinking, which comics that are huge critical successes do not flick your switch?


I also do not like The Walking Dead.

Additionally I don’t like “Watchmen”.

It insists upon itself, Lois.



I’ve read at least the first thirty issues or so, but it just left me cold. It’s a really weird thing, when you KNOW something is good - I can see it’s well written, and often well illustrated - but it just does nothing for you. You find yourself wondering what you missed, maybe there’s something wrong with YOU rather than the book/comic/film etc…


Frank Miller’s Batman series. I mean, they’re alright, I guess. Television panels, woo. But it’s a poor definition of Batman and those are the last books in the world you should be giving to someone new to the medium, yet everyone still treats them as some kind of sacrosanct canon to be given to all new readers.


i’m working my way through this too… :smiley:

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I never got into Sandman either, even though I enjoy much of Gaiman’s other works (primarily his prose rather than his comics), including other stuff he’s written in the Sandman mieliu, such as the Death miniseries.


The big ones for me are probably Y: The Last Man, Transmetropolitan and Walking Dead. I’ve enjoyed other works by their authors a lot, and I’ve given each series a couple of tries, but they’ve just never clicked for me.

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i like Y, havent finished it yet…one more trade to go.
thanks for teh reminder.
also got the 1st trade of Transmet in the to read list pile too!
i’ll let you know :wink:

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I was never able to get into Scalped. Didn’t like Enigma either. Walking Dead I gave up on around issue 50. 100 Bullets never did all that much for me. Essentially I found myself liking about half of that series and being really bored by the other half. I did read the whole thing, though (borrowed it from friend). I just never liked it nearly as much as everyone else.

I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

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i’m on the fourth trade and i kinda like it :smiley:

I bought the hard back with the first 12 issues and i couldn’t gte on with that one either…shame it was a great concept.

Scalped is that the Brian wood one with the cooking?

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No, that’s Starve.
Scalped is the Jason Aaron one set on a Native American reserve. It’s really gritty. I’m not sure that it’s quite for me.


not for me either. Unexpectadly I love Southern Bastards. Gritty as hell but enjoyed it.

i love Southern Bastards and i never thought i would!
Crazy world we live in! :smiley:

Crossed + 100
It has one of the franchise’s best writers and one of it’s best concepts.
But Spurrier dropped the ball so shockingly.
Not truly bad, but I haven’t felt the urge to follow in months.

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I liked it for the first volume, but just lost interest.

I have no interest in SAGA, and I can’t sustain interest in UNWRITTEN though they should be comics I would normally like.

Also, haven’t really been able to get into much of anything Jason Aaron has done from SCALPED to SOUTHERN BASTARDS or any of his superheroes. In that regard, Jonathan Hickman’s books like MANHATTAN PROJECTS or GOD IS DEAD don’t interest me, though I really get into the same sort of books when they are written by JMS, Ellis, Brubaker or Azzarello.

Alan Moore is pretty much the only writer whose work always interests me.

i bought the first 12 issues of the 'Bay when i got back into comics about ten years ago after a three year break.
Read issue one…couldn’t read anymore.
It was a little too sick, even for me!

i’m starting to get a little bored of SAGA too, but then they always do something that pulls me back…but i kinda need to know there is an end game with it.
Like CHEW. i love CHEW, but i like the
fact it is coming to a end because it feels like it has been working towards it.

This i really do like too.
Took me a while to get into it though, but love it.
But on the flip side Hickman turned me off the Avengers…it got waaaay to sciencey for my liking.

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Mine will probably shock some people but here we go: Empress.

While I love the setting and the premise I feel nothing for the characters.

I like Crossed but the 100 is just so messy. I stopped reading it.

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