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Comics shipping March 20th (confirmed)


Updated confirmed list at post # 3!

PreviewsWorld’s expected/tentative list of comics shipping March 20th

Direct Link to the Text List

This will be updated on Wednesday (7 days before shipping), and also at Midtown Comics


Aw, geez! Another Snapocalypse!


PreviewsWorld’s confirmed list of comics shipping March 20th

Direct Links: TXT, PDF, and Midtown Comics

image image image


From Midtown’s list:

Electric Warriors #5
Justice League #20
Wild Storm #21

image image image


What does “E G D” refer to in those images? Is it branding for some new event?


No idea, but probably means nothing.

It’s just some kind of collectible Felt Letter Board thing.

But maybe it is a clue of some kind about the return of the Legion of Superheroes!


If next month’s images have " EG F D " then " EGI F D M", I think we can ask for another vowel and make a guess…


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