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Comics shipping January 16th (confirmed)

PreviewsWorld’s confirmed list of comics shipping January 16th

Direct Links: TXT, PDF, and Midtown Comics


No sign of The Magic Order #6, which I guess isn’t unexpected.

Issue #5 only came out on 12 December and the book is on a pretty much bi-monthly schedule, so I wouldn’t expect #6 for another month or so.

Yeah, but Comixology have it as the 16th, and Image’s site have it as the 9th.

Previewsworld is usually a more reliable way to track dates, as some sites take a while to update.

It currently has it down for 6 February.

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Young Justice #1 :heart:

YJ #1 (and it’s 8 covers) will come out on January 9th
although you probably knew that and just clicked on the wrong thread

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It will be so good I’ll be buying it twice! :wink:


From Midtown’s list:

Electric Warriors #3
Flash #62
Hawkman #8
Justice League Dark #7
Supergirl #26
Superman #7
Wonder Woman #62