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Comics like Old man Logan


Hi all,

So I startd Old man Logan today, needless to say I read them all. Now I’m craving for more in that style. Any ideas about comics like that? The old superhero theme is quite nice.


Have you tried Starlight by Millar? It’s less superhero and more Flash Gordon style heroics but features an old man coming out of retirement to save the day once more.


I suppose that Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is in a similar vein but a very different beast.

Tonally I would say Wanted has a similar background to OML but comes at it from an entirely different perspective.


I like the book because it is true to Logan’s nature but it doesn’t depend on a retread of old storylines.


I did. Actually read all the Millarworld works.


Well, I love the theme: second chance by traveling back in time and changing the future.


Have you read the Lemire issues, the current run?

It’s really good if you have not.


Hey @ChrisS , could you ex0lain what you mean? :slight_smile:


Aaron had some good stuff with Old Man Thor. Part of the Godkiller arc.


Marvel have relaunched the Old Man Logan idea and he’s been placed in the current universe after Secret Wars.

Brian Bendis did the initial mini and Jeff Lemire has taken over the new run.


Good call, that arc is great.


so Old man Logan is not a new comic?

Oh, I thought it was new. The one I’m reading just ended with Logan deciding to kill all his enemies.


So there is an on-going series that came after a recent mini-series but the character started in a Millar-penned run in the Wolverine comic book several years back.

In terms of books like it, the Last Avengers Story and the Future Imperfect Hulk story, both by Peter David, have a similar tone and I think that they are quite good. I can’t recommend the Earth X series with Alex Ross, but it is a messed up future version of the Marvel universe.


The idea of a lone, world-weary warrior travelling the earth like in the original Old Man Logan story is very popular in Manga as well. Battle Angel Alita is a good example of it as a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story (though Alita is quite idealistic), and Berserk is a (very violent) post-apocalyptic fantasy example.


read them both Lorcan.

Alita is btw back with the final series on Mars.


I’ve got the first 6 or so volumes of Last Order, but haven’t picke dup any more in years. It’s high on my list to get caught up with though


Yeah, they finished Last Order and started the final third part. It’s good. Very good even. BAA remains a classic. As is Berserk.


If you’re going with the ‘older dude wanders the Earth killing his enemies’ story then you have to go for Lone Wolf and Cub.


a classic too! In the same genre I do advice Vagabond. Very good too.


Cool, I’d heard Kishiro had returned to the series after a few years off so it’s very heartening to hear he’s powering through.