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Yep, that creative team is enough for a blind buy for me.


I don’t remember ever reading Nocenti before (or really hearing about her outside of the Daredevil run she did). Has she been on anything good lately?


I didn’t read her Klarion series a couple of years ago but I remember some positive comments here about it.


Wasn’t she on Green Arrow and Catwoman for a while too? Didn’t fare too well on those, IIRC.

However, her and Aja sound pretty cool, so I’m certainly curious.


I might be wrong but I think they collaborated in the past on a story for a Daredevil anniversary issue, I think it was #500.


I was really excited about Berger’s line, until I saw this announcement.

I’m in for the Nocenti & Aja book, providing she has a bit of a return to form - her Green Arrow and Catwoman books were pretty poor, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and put it down to editorial interference.

Slightly interested in the Mat Johnston book.

I’ve read enough of Beeby to know I don’t want to read anything else by her and the Bourdain book is not something that’s going to get me to part with time or cash.

I’m really disappointed there’s no Milligan book, I know Berger and he were tight.


Oh yeah! If that’s what I’m thinking of, I loved it.
That was a great issue, although the main story was exciting and bewildering in equal measure (having read 0% of Brubaker’s run) the bonus ones were really cool.


Milligan’s on Team Shelly Bond:


Ooh…that looks interesting

I didn’t know Berger and Bond were going ‘head to head’…im on team Bond as well based on that info!


Berger vs Bond - whoever wins, we win.


Yep, IIRC it was about people hanging out at Coney Island witnessing a fight between Daredevil and Bullseye. It was a weird little story but a good one.


What’s going on with Avatar?

As I was going through the latest issue of Previews, Avatar had literally only two pages. Has anyone heard anything about them and what might be going on with them?


It’s pretty much word of mouth watercooler talk that they’re in a bind.

The increased reliance on kick-starters, the cutting down on titles, and I have no doubt that most of Cinema Purgatorio was meant to be actual books beforehand.

I think it’s probably the increased push on talent such as Gillen and Moore earlier that didn’t quite pan out - as well as other multi-media ventures falling through.



Have added Image, Archie, Boom! Studios and Valiant


It’s a shame RE Avatar.

They’ve published some of the best books of the last few years, by some of the best writers in the business - Moore’s Providence, Crossed + 100 & Cinema Purgatorio have been the best books published in comics in the past 3 years, unfortunately that doesn’t translate into sales.

I disagreed with Robert on this previously, but I was wrong - There are too many books being published right now.

My point was it means greater choice, but in reality what is happening is the market is getting diluted, money is getting spread to thinly so a lot of books that should normally succeed, fail.
Quality does not equate to success in this market.

It sounds harsh, but there’s too many wannabe writers and artists out there, and there’s too much crap getting published as a result. Very little quality control when it’s so easy for people to self publish, do kickstarters or get a book published through the new companies that are starting up every other week - they are trickling sales away from the seasoned creators.

Even Image is publishing a lot of shite just now.
Don’t get me wrong they have an abundance of good books, but there’s a lot of crap in there as well.
This month’s Image Plus made me want to weep at times.

I don’t know what the answer is.


It is a shame but I also won’t weep too much for them, as they have a policy of milking readers for all they can get. I know all publishers do that to an extent, but with Avatar it has been more cynical than most.

Whatever happens, I doubt Moore is going to struggle to find someone to publish his next book, anyway.

I know that creators have historically worked with Avatar because of the creative freedom it allows them, compared to other publishers, but given the recent resurgence in Image, I’m not sure what Avatar are offering now that can’t also be done elsewhere.


Is there anybody left he hasn’t sworn never to talk to again? :confused:


He still seems to have a good relationship with Knockabout and Top Shelf.


Are you defending or describing Avatar? All of those things you’ve just attributed to other fly-by-night publishers can be directly attributed to Avatar down to the Kickstarters.

They published a very cynical product both in content and method. While they did snag some top writer talent at times, the art was always lacking. The art situation was to such a degree that after seeing all the artists who auditioned for the Millarworld annual who were much better than any of their stable some surmised that they must have a particularly bad house style or taste in art.