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Did a Xerxes movie come out? I completely forgot about that.


I remember reading news that the second 300 movie cribbed ideas from this comic.

But I never saw it.


Ya. 300: Rise of an Empire came out in 2014 but kind of faded away quickly if I remember correctly.


300: Rise of an Empire was the second movie and it had some Xerxes backstory in it. But reading Miller’s comments there, the film starts in the same place, has the same main character and heavily features the Athenian fleet.


That sounds like an oxymoron.


Those colors are absolutely insane


Fantastic isn’t it?


Not in this case. Not at all.

His Dan is a really nice fellow


Seconded, Dare’s a good man with no time for bastard feckwits of any kind.


It’s all about what you’re nostalgic for. Ennis is 7 years older than me, and grew up reading a lot of the same comics that were popular in Ireland and the UK when I was a kid. He was reading 2000AD, Eagle and Battle, and so has fond feelings for Judge Dredd, Dan Dare and Charley’s War the same way a USian fan in their late 40s would have for late 70s-early 80s superhero comics.

At the same time, Ennis’ disdain for superhero books comes from the same source - he grew up reading SF and war stories, and would have come to the superhero idea later in life so it would feel sillier. And yeah, you can convincingly argue that Judge Dredd is a superhero (such as Claremont did in Excalibur), at least there’s some window-dressing to justify the Judges in a way that superheroes don’t have,


[quote=“Lorcan_Nagle, post:1894, topic:52”]
Ennis is 7 years older than me
[/quote]…and 11 years younger than me. :unamused:


Don’t get me wrong, I love Ellis storytelling and his comics.


But what about Garth’s comics? :wink:


I slept in, hadnt had coffee at the time of posting. It was supposed to say Ennis, not Ellis. :slight_smile:


We know :+1:t3:


So does anyone know what the deal with Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses is? It started around 2 1/2 years ago, but no collected editions have been released and I can’t find any info on when/if it’ll ever happen. Which just seems weird to me. I’d love to read it, but I guess Stray Bullets is always going to be about making me wait endlessly.


I figure Lapham will decide how to collect it when he’s done with this arc, but who knows when that will be. It will probably have to be split up, although I suppose Image could do a single massive collection like the Uber Alles edition they published of the original series.

I have fallen way behind on my Stray Bullets reading. This reminds me I need to catch up. It’s one of my all time favorite comics.


Lapham originally said it would be about twice the length of an average arc (about 18 issues then) because he realized it was actually two stories in one.

Then he just kept writing because #25 just came out and been solicited up to #29 I think.
I honestly think he wrote himself into a corner because a lot of the issues are dealing with the fallout of the inescapability of their situation. Despite the fact we know they escape.


With Image it’s all down to the creators so there’s no direct pattern to follow. I think the only clues would come from Lapham.


So idw are having a line wide 55% sale on comixology.
If I wanted to try some transformers, where would I start?