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There’s a lot of nuance here. I know Chris initially mentioned left v right. Chaykin from all I know is not a latter day Frank Miller, he’s pretty liberal in his politics.

There’s the label, this is not a ‘black man’ as in an African American, it’s a non-white man from the Asian subcontinent. The term ‘Paki’ has a much bigger negative connotation in the UK, it is pretty much up there with the n-word. Alex Di Campi although she’s American has spent several years living in London, Chaykin has not, they may have very different takes on the implications of that label. We’ve mentioned this many times before here that it is difficult to apply the same standards globally, politics and demographics and sensitivities differ. The ‘lynching’ image has more resonance in the US as that has not traditionally happened to south Asians.

Personally I’m not big on censorship of sympathetic minds even if they are misguided. I don’t think anyone believes Chaykin thinks that lynching Pakistanis is a good idea. It should always be taken in that context that it is not a malicious piece. That doesn’t mean it is right and as I am not in that ethnic group I don’t have a say in how offended anyone should be but we need to make sure we spend the most time condemning the deliberately bigoted and assist those with the right motives but bad execution of them.


Completely agreed Gar.
I also agree with Lorcan as well, in that - especially in the greater landscape of social media, some do think that Chaykin is advocating unconsciously that doing such things are good ideas.


Some people are fucking cabbages



There have been a few updates to the Solicitations for September 2017 thread.
Edit: even more
Up to 27 company solicits for this thread, plus Previews Text.

Have started the Solicitations for October 2017 thread.

First up is Aspen.


Titan are relaunching Dan Dare with Peter Milligan writing. I love this variant cover by Chris Weston, he’s so good.


oooooh. I must say, I reread the Garth Ennis/Gary Erskine Dan Dare series that Virgin Comics published and it holds up very well.


The Garth Ennis version is the only version I’ve read and I loved it.
Just a really comfy story.


Eagle was one of the comics I collected as a kid, so the mid 80’s version of Dan Dare is “my Dan”, so to speak. The various modern relaunches are total nostalgia trips for me.


Hahah, that’s awesome.
For me the appeal, at least of that story and some of the original strips I hunted down scans of, is that it’s a very erudite take on the adventure hero. Mannered, polished, well dressed and even-keeled.

Really stood out to me.


The 50’s painted strips? The backstory for them is amazing - Eagle was originally published by a vicar as an upstanding publication for boys and young men, and as such Dan Dare had to reprsent the Best of British, and be educational as well as exciting. They actually asked Arthur C Clarke for technical advice early on. Frank Hampson worked from reference for his art, so they made costumes and props - the SPS uniforms are modified WWII British military uniforms the art team kept when they mustered out after the war.

By the time I was reading - the 80’s relaunch of the book, it was a bit more standard space opera. Pat Mills and John Wagner were writing the strip, and the main character was the great-great-great grandson of the 50s incarnation of the character. I distinctly recall a storyline where the Mekon brought the original Dan into the future and the pair teamed up, though.


Yeah, the 50’s strips.
I found a few scans and it’s such a change of pace from what you’d usually find. Garth Ennis noted that in his forward to the collected edition of his story as well, that he needed to be an encapsulation of “British-ness” and honestly it’s kinda refreshing to see that sorta angle on it.

The 80’s sound interesting as well, for sure.


The artwork in the originals from the 50s is pretty amazing.


I’m pretty sure there’s a cuple hundred issues of Eagle still sitting in my parents’ attic. I should go digging sometime, but I’m sure most of them are the later Space Commando stories, or after they dropped the modern incarnation and just made new stories about the original Dan, with Keith Watson back on art duties.


Ooooh…that definitely appeals

Have any of you read his Mummy mini series for Titan, apparently it was really well received, I’ll look out for the trade on that one.


Looks like Frank Miller’s 300 prequel is finally scheduled.


That’s great news. It was in my mind when I made that comment the other day about Miller moving on to his own projects again, but I had assumed it was cancelled long ago (and even bought the old issue of Dark Horse Presents just to see the preview art).

I will look forward to this.


It must be the first (and only) time that a movie adaptation has been released before the comic has even started?
Maybe Kingsman 2 will count as well but I don’t remember any firm plans for a comic sequel anyway?


That’s fantastic!
I mean, it is really nice to hear he’s working solo once more.


The new secret service comic seems to be its own story anyway. So I think it doesn’t qualify as that.