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But less than a decade ago, a tectonic shift began — and Marvel and DC had nothing to do with it. Traditional buyers like me had nothing to do with it, either. Indeed, the comics Establishment is only just now starting to play a desperate game of catch-up. That shift was the result of decisions made by librarians, teachers, kids’-book publishers, and people born after the year 2000. Abruptly, the most important sector in the world of sequential art has become graphic novels for young people. Call it the Youth-Comics Explosion. It’s redefining the future of an entire art form.

Although it hasn’t been widely publicized, once you start asking around among people in the know, you find that there’s a total consensus that the explosion is very real. “There’s a huge boom going on, by all means,” says Brian Hibbs, a respected market analyst, columnist, and retailer who owns a pair of stores in San Francisco called Comix Experience. “When you look at BookScan” — Nielsen’s estimates of national sales to bookstores — “the top sellers are pretty much all kid lit, which is pretty fantastic.”

You don’t need to have access to BookScan to see evidence, though. Up until early this year, the New York Times published best-seller lists for comics — and Telgemeier, alone, would regularly have half of all the paperback slots. Executives at Scholastic will tell you that comics fly off the racks at their famed book fairs for young students. According to Milton Griepp of comics-industry analysis site ICv2, aggregated annual comics sales across different kinds of retailers for 2016 revealed that more than half of the top-ten comics franchises were ones aimed at kids. Eva Volin, a librarian based in Alameda, California, told me, “We’re in the middle of a graphic-novel renaissance inasmuch as not only are kids reading comics, but comics are being written for kids.”


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Didn’t see solicits for Image. Hopefully tomorrow.

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Interesting collaboration especially since Cockrum and Liefeld both derive their notoriety from being former X-Men creators. Looks like he’s working with the guy who did the Kickstarter a couple years ago.


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I’m going through old comics to give away and here is a nice sampling of how bad American comics were in the 80s outside of Marvel, DC, and occasionally Dark Horse.


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I love it that DC’s Legion of Superheroes is thrown into that mix of otherwise-unheard-of books.


You’re just trolling me, aren’t you? :angry:


It took you long enough. :wink:


If he’s trolling you, that Robotech comic is in there to troll me too (joke’s on him though, there are Robotech comics from that era with far worse art)


I have a bunch of 80s Robotech books and a lot of them look like they were drawn by 13 year olds.


You’re still trolling @davidm, aren’t you? :wink:


Apparently Comico mandated that their Robotech comics be drawn in an anime style regardless of how adept the contracted artist was at it. And while the Macross book looked OK (in my opinion at least), Masters and New Generation got it in the neck. Eternity fared better overall with their Robotech books but there were still some real stinkers in there.



Looks like those complaining about the book are massively missing the point yet again.

The title has become rather on the nose, somewhat predictably.

Glad Chaykin is still producing challenging books 30 years after American Flagg, he’s one of the industry’s true greats.


Quite of the few complaints I’ve seen also massively misunderstand how Image works, and when told they say that “Image needs to change”. It’s all a bit of wow over a comic that is already very niche.

I mean, I think the cover is crass, yes, but that’s just my own reaction and the overall comic is for an adult audience.


What is the context of their ‘image needs to change’ belief.

Image produce a massive range of books accommodating for most people and they produce a lot of left wing targeted books, I don’t get what their problem is.

The far left wing are as big a bunch of Nazies as the far right - I’m bored with the lot of them, so much hatred and intolerance on both sides.


Basically that they need to become more like a typical publisher who can restrict creators from doing stuff like that cover.
It’s all ridiculous.

I mean, while I think the cover was a bit tone blind, I also don’t like setting precedents like that.


Im really disappointed in Image for backtracking on this in reaction to those idiots.

Is this the world we are now living in where we are censoring our artists for producing work that is difficult?

There’s always the option not to buy it if you find it hard to stomach. I never watched Irreversable for that very reason, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what the director was trying to achieve, even if it was outwith the boundary of taste for me.