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Definitely. I go digital for a lot of things but oversized books and comics are a rare treat that I will usually go physical for.

I was posting the ComiXology link for price comparison and to let people know the option was available.


Thanks, guys!


Heavy Metal had a very small booth at C2E2 that they shared with a coffee roaster, Dark Matter. They had a few of the issues there.


I picked up the first few but stopped as I was not getting the time to read them.

Funnily enough I was just revising that decision last night when I saw the new issue on Comixology.


You guys really want me to spend more money on Comixology? :worried:

I still need to buy Annihilator by Grant (not to mention read the rest of Nameless) before I even think about dipping into Heavy Metal.


Yes, you do! :slight_smile:



I have some good news and some bad news for you…


Have added Aardvark Vanaheim, and American Mythology

And then I added Previews Text on Friday


Can’t believe I didn’t hear of a KS for Section Zero until it has only two hours left (one now)

Along with Waid’s Empire, this was the other title I took a liking from the short-lived Gorilla Comics.


It’s already reached its goal.


Yep, it raised like 3.000 over the last hour.

Just ended.


I picked up some Boom! Planet of the Apes comics from the other day 1-3 from the 2011 run). I’ve never read a PotA comic before this but damn, they were pretty good. Written by Daryl Gregory (who I’m completely unfamiliar with) and illustrated by Carlos Magno this has great character moments, plentiful action, mystery/intrigue and suspenseful drama. I need to hunt down the rest of the series.

I did feel like I was dropped into the middle of a story though and wonder if there is a series that precedes this that could fill in the blanks. Any ideas?


Jimmie Robinson, creator of the Bomb Queen minis, posted this on his FB page last Friday:

I haven’t drawn In a year. I don’t know what happened. Call it what you want… a mid-life crisis, depression, anxiety, whatever. A switch went off in my head and I’m just now finding the lever to flip it back.

Meds, therapy, faerie houses, gardening, a loving wife… I’m grasping what I can. I know whatever cred I had in the comic industry is gone and when I return I will have to produce comics in a way that works for both me and the publisher (Jim Valentino, Shadowline).

In other words, I need to COMPLETE a book series before even submitting it. Make sure it IS done. I feel SO horrible that I only finished half of the Powerline series. I had so much hope for that. It was a personal effort. I didn’t do it for the money. We all knew going in that it was an uphill battle, but Valentino is a man of integrity and he knew the story needed to be told – he also knew it wasn’t about the money.

Sadly, it was my brain that went under, not the book.

This meant more than just drawing. Suddenly I couldn’t find myself going to a convention without anxiety. I actually bailed on 2 cons and I barely got through the last show only thanks to my wife and Susan (also Anna Warren Cebrian). I physically break out in a sweat, I can’t draw and I avoid people. I was never like that before.

Granted I did have a few set backs. I’ve fallen on my face before (just ask Derek McCulloch or Jim Valentino). But I’d bounce back And get my work done, even if it meant tweaking the ending.

I am drawing again, thanks to some friends (Natasha and Cereal) who are also working on their projects, it’s slow going but I intend to up the ante. I’m not writing this post fishing for compliments, that won’t get me drawing again. I’m writing this post because I need to own it, adjust for it, and be publicly accountable for it.

The therapist said the way to deal with anxiety and disorder is to face it. Get a support system. Don’t give up and don’t discredit the victories – no matter how small. Posting on Facebook isn’t a big deal, who cares about another post in a sea of internet threads, but the way I see it this is just another baby step, but at this point for me… I need this.

Forgive the typos and stuff. Typing on an iPad kinda sucks. Haha!


So sorry to hear that about Jimmie Robinson. It’s tough enough to make a living in the comics industry without having to deal with a debilitating setback that sidelines your productivity. Hope he is on the right road back now.



Has anyone mentioned Injection yet?

If not; Injection. Warren Ellis. Rather brilliant, if only in the sense that there is a lot of stuff being thrown at you and you only get a little bit of it at a time. Plus the characters are…well… interesting is too bland a word, but that is the direction I’m thinking. Art is decent in every sense of the word as it relates to acceptable and without fault.

If so, please disregard the above and carry on as before


Looks like there’s a Visionaries comic coming from IDW at the end of the year.

I should be over the moon about this, but I have next to no faith in IDW really. Spinning out of an Earth centric event (and yearly events can sod off) suggests it could well be set on Earth. Given how little MASK resembled the source material, we’ll probably end up with one of GI Joe as a Spectral Knight or Merklynn as a secret Micronaut using magic energon.


After checking the Image listings, I noticed that Black Magick is returning. YEA! #6 is due out in 2 weeks.


Nicola has been painting her fingers to the bone!


The Solicitations for September 2017 thread is up.

Have added Amigo, Fantagraphics, and Top Cow.

Fri. edit: have added Oni Press and Viz Media

The next 10 days will be the busiest, and Image expected on Tuesday.*

*For facts I’m about as accurate as the weather,
but for opinions I’m always right…

Solicitations for September 2017 (w/ Previews Text)