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A definite yes to both.


Both Lazarus and Velvet are well worth reading, especially if it’s not going to cost you anything


Velvet is wonderful, one of my favourite books of recent years. I’m a little bit behind on Lazarus but I think that’s pretty great too. Both series are excellent in both writing and art.

It’s a yes, basically. :slight_smile:


Thanks, all! I guess I’ll read them both!


Oh, Sam:


Have added Bongo and Action Lab

Monday edit: have added Zenescope and Amigo

Wednesday edit: have added Avatar, Black Mask, and Vault


Transformers: Til All Are One has been cancelled.

From what Scott says, the numbers just weren’t there, which is a shame. I still haven’t got around to picking up the first volume of it (nor Titans Return), but I read the preceding Windblade minis and they were… ok. They weren’t helped by some sub-par art (but TAAO’s artist Sara P-D is good). The biggest problem for me was that Scott felt like a second-string stand-in for Barber. I was quite disappointed when the Cybertronian politics elements of RiD got edged out for yet more stuff on Earth and even more so when Barber decided to stick with Earth and hand off the rest.

Between a stupid shared universe, cross-overs and this cancellation, I fear IDW are in danger of (yet again) screwing up their Transformers comics.


Heavy Metal is great these days and the new one has a lot of cool stuff in it. Grant Morrison is now a contributor there (which may say something about the state of his career, though I don’t know what), and this month he had an essay about magic that was interesting but struck a weird tone to me.

But the issue is great, check it out. It’s good comics.


I’ve been buying Heavy Metal since Morrison joined with #280 and I plan to give them a big read through at some point soon, maybe over summer. Good to know it’s good quality at the moment.

(Incidentally, Morrison is more than just a contributor, he currently has the title of editor-in-chief, so he is curating the stories that are going in there at the moment. Sounds like he is doing a good job.)


He is doing a great job. I’m considering getting a subscription. It’s $25 for six issues, which is a steal given how meaty each issue is and how solid the comics are.


Wow, that’s great. I’ve found it hard to get hold of over here, so it ends up costing me close to a tenner an issue to mail-order it. :frowning:


The newsstand cost is $9 here, it’s not a cheap magazine in general.


It looks like it’s available on ComiXology for about the same cover price and drops by $1/issue at some point. So the subscription is probably good value.


That makes me feel slightly better. It’s a quality magazine production-wise so I don’t really have a problem with the price.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to the stack properly as I’ve only read one or two strips from the issues I have.


Weird tone?

Half the time I feel that Grant is tricking us into reciting incantations. I got that vibe most recently from Nameless and Annihilator. I’ve been buying the new Heavy Metal since 280 but haven’t read them yet.


It could be me but it felt like a Jehovah witness knocking on my door or a scientologist explaining his religion. Let’s just say it’s not for me.


It’s oversized and glossy so I’d skip digital unless it’s your only option.


How many issues of Heavy Metal are out under Grant’s tenure? I’d totally forgotten he was doing this and have been wondering what he’s been up to.


280 - 286 so far.


Yep, I just had #286 sent out to me this week.