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I gave up around issue 50 but I do admire that McFarlane (and Larson on Savage Dragon) have kept with it. Is the record for a creator owned book the 300 issues of Cerebus? If so it won’t be long before it is broken.


I think I read Spawn into the #80s before I ditched it.

It’s impressive that it’s still going.


Have added Lion Forge.

Next week (starting Monday) will be the busy week and expect Image on Tuesday.


Image just won FCBD with the I Hate Image comic.

A chapter of the I Hate Fairyland title that I hope they bundle with a trade because it’s absolutely brilliant. As part of her quest to get back home, Gert is sent on a madcap tour of Image’s top books, going from title to title, racking up an incredible amount of carnage along the way.

Walking Dead, Saga, Black Science, Paper Girls, Southern Bastards, plus a few more I can’t recall because it all moves so damn fast - all get absolutely blasted. It’s utterly excellent.


Image for August (I’ll update more when I get home).


I was wondering whether the 2017 Millarworld Annual would be in the August solicits as it wasn’t in July’s, but it doesn’t seem to be included. I guess it is coming out a bit later this year.


So Elephantmen is going to bow out on 80 issues and a slew of minis and specials across ten years - that’s quite the run!


As I posted above, have added Image.

Also added: AfterShock, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, Oni Press, and Valiant.


Haven’t a clue myself, but maybe one of the higher-ups can give us some info.


IDW’s MASK has been cancelled. Slightly surprising, as it’s entering into an event with GI Joe and Transformers soon. Hopefully this is the first crack leading to a crumbling of the shared universe.


But the eventual movies will save them!


Have added Alterna, Chapterhouse, and IDW

Also added PreviewsWorld Order Forms


I quit the series at issue 66. Now I know it’s ending I think I’ll jump back on. The completionist in me demands it. Also, did the final part of the Hip Flask trilogy ever come out?


Don’t know, never kept an eye on that, started with Elephantmen only.


part 1 June 2005, part 2 december 2012, part 3…?


Have added Dynamite

Friday edit: have added Archie and SpaceGoat


So Comixology Unlimited now has what seems to be the complete series of both Lazarus and Velvet. Are either/both worth reading?


Velvet’s on my weekend read list.

Lazarus is fantastic and reads far better in a big chunk.


Lazarus is easily on my top 3 books currently being published. In a sense it’s like a Game of Thrones in a dystopian future with a very fully realised world.


Lazarus is fantastic. Probably my favourite series at the moment.
Velvet was brubaker and epting doing spies. It could never be anything but good.
If you can get them for free then you kind of have to read them.