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Knowing Larsen’s sense of humour you can be pretty sure it is, he did have Savage Dragon have a fight with God at one point.

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Who won?

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Actually I will correct myself, he fought the Devil with Dragon involved.

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Erik Larsen has shown his political views previously:

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I’ll bite - has Savage Dragon ever ran?


Trump is president in the most recent issues of Savage Dragon (and is heavily anti-illegal extraterrestrial) so I’m guessing yes.


This looks too far-fetched…

… have you seen the size of Trump’s hand on the cover. :wink:


Yes and no. Back in '04, Erik ran a storyline in which a multimillionaire named Ronald Winston Urass decided to use Dragon’s popularity to launch a massive Presidential campaign with himself as Dragon’s running mate.

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Garth Ennis’ War Stories #19 - 22 “Vampire Squadron” was a damn fine tale. Probably one of my favourites. Rather than an arc in the strictest sense, this was a loose collection of stories about an RAF fighter squadron sent up under cover of darkness to try to intercept German bombers over the UK. As always, with Garth, it’s all about the character, and there were some great characters in this crew. Good stuff. Regular artist Thomas Aria seems to have stepped up his game too, for this arc.


And had a censored and uncensored version:


The Solicitations for August 2017 thread is up and running with:

Fantagraphics, Scout, and 2000 AD

I would’ve figured Previews would be out on Wed. May 31st, but Mon. May 29th is a holiday both in the U.S. and UK, so Previews may be out on the fourth Wednesday this month (and we do have solicits already coming out).
That would make Image solicits come out Tues. May 16th (instead of May 23rd).
But then what in hell do I know?

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Solicitations for August 2017 (w/Previews Text)

Is that JoeQ?


No, it’s God.

(kidding aside, I think Larsen drew the entire issue)


I thought it looked quite a bit like Joe Mad with a touch of Jim Lee, but it’s definitely Larsen.

It shows how versatile he can be though.

Also, Savage Dragon had no problem with pushing the envelope. IIRC Malcom Dragon once was attacked with menstrual fluid.


Moonshine #1 - 6: really enjoyed this. Only meant to read one issue, and ended up binge reading the whole lot. Azzarello and Risso weave a tale of the supernatural in the prohibition era. It’s quite a straight forward opening, much like 100 Bullets’ initial arc was, with hints of something more complex underneath. Although the climax in the final part was a little unclear in regards to who was doing what to whom. I liked it a lot. It’s definitely a title I’ll be sticking with in singles. It’s up there with Lazarus and Southern Bastards for me.

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Thanks, been on the fence on this one. Might get the trade.


I’ve been struggling with moonshine in singles. I think it might actually read better in a block.


New Comic Superb Will Introduce a Hero With Down Syndrome

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I agree. I read all six issues back to back. I think if I’d stopped after 1 I would probably have struggled with it too. But, with few exceptions that’s how I tend to read comics these days - I save 2-3 issues to enjoy at a time. I’m a trade waiter addicted to the thrill of new comic Wednesdays. :grinning:

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Azzarello comics always read better in a block, and sometimes it’s almost impenetrable to just read them in singles.

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