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I have no idea on Avatar’s situation but it could actually be a sensible business decision. When I was connected to book publishing they basically live off their back catalogue hits and then release new material with most losing money but a few will be added to the list of perennial hits.

Outside of their Ennis/Ellis/Moore/Gillen books I don’t know anyone who reads anything else they put out.

Equally they could have financial or cashflow problems but if so it may be of their own making because they have brand new Alan Moore books out that he’s actually scripted and as I said if they can’t sell those then pass the rights to me. I’d get a nice trade out of Providence in a timely manner and flog the hell out of it.


And in the inevitable shite category comes another IDW Hasbro shared universe cross-over event to derail Transformers again.

One of IDW’s editorial guys said “if you don’t like peanut butter in your chocolate, read Lost Light” (which seems to be allowed to avoid these things) and I’m left thinking, well, it’s not peanut butter is it? It’s horse shit swede or something and no I don’t want that in my chocolate.


You might want to hold off and go for the hardbacks they are issuing over the next few months.

I’m a bit cheesed off with that as for the first one they’ve decided to include Volume 0 and the books are pretty pricey for what they are, it could backfire on them.


Following 2016’s “Revolution” event — which saw IDW’s licensed Hasbro properties united in one shared universe — “First Strike” picks up with Earth about to join the Cybertronian Council of Worlds. That peaceful event is interrupted by Cobra, as Baron Ironblood — historically the British counterpart to Cobra Commander — has targeted all Cybertronians for termination, putting the Transformers in serious jeopardy. The G.I. Joes, led by Scarlett, and the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, stand in the way in the face of extinction — enlisting help along the way from, apparently, an unlikely ally in the form of Soundwave of the Decepticons.

Uh, unless you’ve been reading the comics for like, a year or so, given that Soundwave has been an ally of Optimus Prime since the last few issues of The Transformers - and was fighting alongside him in Revolution.


What I’d probably do is reprint the first few issues in a limited edition hardcover with a tiny print run and tell everyone it was never going to be reprinted. Then I’d reprint it. Then I’d tell everyone I was releasing a limited edition hardcover of the second batch of issues with a tiny print run and tell everyone it was never going to be reprinted either. Then I’d run a kickstarter for a big slipcased collection of the entire series in three hardcovers (including another reprint of the first HC and a reprint of the second), plus an art book, plus a collection of the previous series - and charge an arm and a leg for it. Then I’d maybe get around to thinking about actually soliciting the third and final hardcover separately on its own, for all the suckers that bought the first two.

But a single TPB or HC collection of the 12-issue series? Don’t be silly. Who’d want that?


Yes and let’s be honest, what they are charging on even that half price sale is more of less what Image do at final price level online. I know they discount the first volumes by default but when I check Amazon US they are asking $10.19 for Saga vol. 7 which is just 20c more than that sale is offering for similar 6 issue paperback collections.


Yep, and that’s even before you get to the even deeper discounts of digital sales (which, as I think you mentioned the other day, Avatar seem to avoid as a rule).


I’d love to read Providence but right now I cannot see a cheaper way to read a 12 issue limited series than $58. That’s really expensive and I’m no longer that uptight about time. I will wait for it to be at least half that.

Avatar do digital sales, I picked up a lot of Crossed that way, but unlike most other publishers they don’t really do a timed reduction.


I think Avatar Press tried to expand too much in too little time, perhaps not aided by whatever financial ability they had at the moment.

2 or so years ago they were running 2 Crossed series concurrently, courting Alan Moore for a large 12 part series, and Ennis for two monthlies and Gillen for another with one of their premiere artists. The sheer size of the scaling back, very rapidly too, since then is noticeable. While I don’t think they’re going under, I think they are still reeling from collapsing under a weight of their own devising.

Now that Providence has ended, they’ve started hinting in the comments of the box set Kickstarter that they will bring back Crossed. Meaning to me that perhaps, yes, these creators were a bit of an anchor/double edged sword for them.


Have added AfterShock and Vault
Sunday edit: and Zenescope


Avatar Press has messed up.
Apparently the Neonomicon hardcover with the original cover art is still in stock on their Cavalcade store.
And that it’s about 30 dollars cheaper to just fund the art book and get the individual Acts (the first edition of Act 1 is also still in stock) than go for the box set.

It’s a nice box set, but at that point it’s just paying for a box.
Edit: just wanted to clarify that I’m putting this info out there if people who like the series want to save a couple of bucks.


Hadn’t seen this mentioned anywhere else here yet:


Awesome… :grin:

Details Mr. Millar. We need details.


While the movie is an action-packed, solidly made, spy thrillride…I loved the comic.
Gary and his journey were so well handled, hope the comic can continue telling his story despite the obvious need for rebranding now that the movie is a huge name.


I don’t know why the renaming should make any difference.

The TPB of Secret Service was also released with the Kingsman name more prominent than the original title.


I only say that because, and I’ve noticed this especially with the Kick-Ass books, they shifted here and there in response to the movies. Like Marty switching names and stuff like that.

Except with Kingsman v. The Secret Service, there’s a lot that could possibly shift. Like the nickname Eggsy never have been used except in the blurb (which was an odd choice) and the concept of Kingsmen being native to the movie. So, I just sorta hope that Gary’s character remains as solidly “Secret Service”, even if the new comic retcons the Kingsmen in, because he and Eggsy are actually pretty different (both are good though).


Have added Amigo and Caliber


I loved the comic but didn’t like the film - I won’t watch the sequel but I’ll definitely read this - I just hope Gibbons is on it and Mark retains the tone of the comic and doesn’t shift it more towards the movie.


I was the reverse!

EDIT: Hmm, ought to clarify, the comic was good - you can’t really slag off Gibbons art - but I found the film to be better.


I liked both - so there!