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Yeah they are really good also, forgot about them


Can someone give an opinion on the writer Andi Ewington? I see Titan are putting out a Freeway Fighter book next month. I use to love these Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books. Oh yeah, Simon Coleby is on art so I’ll prob give it a go regardless.


More info here Bobby:


Terrible writer… steer clear… never pays back money he borrows… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in!


Bwhahahah! Fresh meat… kaff I mean… great to meet you… :smiling_imp:


Just in case you were wondering… we’re starting to get early reviews for Freeway Fighter #1 - here’s what AICN thought:


And another…



The Solicitations for July thread is up and running with:

Dark Horse, Oni Press, and 2000 AD.
More coming daily.

EDIT: Image is up on Continuum’s site, apparently since last Wednesday.
Missed it (sorry).

Solicitations for July 2017 (w/ Previews Text)


Speaking of Valiant:


Have added Valiant.


New Freeway Fighter interview up over at Newsarama with Simon Coleby, Ian Livingstone and myself.


Have added Boom! Studios, IDW, Aspen, and PreviewsWorld Order Forms


Cinebooks have a couple of further releases listed on Amazon for Jan 2018.

They look to be making a beeline through Laureline & Valerian, with Volume 19 set for that month.

The bigger deal for me is the return of Orbital with Volume 7!


They did another Kickstarter for Providence. This time it’s a box set of the three arcs, Neonomicon, and an art book.
It’s weird that due to Avatar’s policies the first arc’s HC in the box set is the third edition cover.


have added Dynamite, and Archie


I don’t like to instigate ugly rumours, but are Avatar going through a difficult patch at the moment? Their July 2017 solicits include just one single new comic release (Uber Invasion #7), a couple of reprint books based around Providence and a Garth Ennis War Stories compilation - and now I’ve seen that they’re having a big 50%-off sale for loads of their hardcopy TPBs and HCs, which is quite unlike them:

I know they’ve coasted for a while on their connections with the likes of Moore, Ellis, Ennis and Gillen, but even then the publisher’s output seems to be really tailing off. Ellis seems to be doing all his new stuff at Image, there isn’t a new issue of Cinema Purgatorio solicited past #11 in June (it seems to have gone bi-monthly now, so maybe one will show up for August?), and they don’t seem to have much of anything else in the works that I know of.


19! I still haven’t got around to volume 3.