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I’ve read all Asterix albums since I was a kid. It was one of the things that got me into comics, my dad had a complete collection (which he kept filling as new material came out)

I am really not sold on the new team. The art is good enough but the story is nowhere near the heights of Uderzo.

It really doesn’t feel like anything else than a cash-cow plagiarizm, and a bad one at that.

For me, anyway.


This is making me want to check if I still have the handful of Asterix books I actally owned as a kid (definitely had In Spain, And Cleopatra, and a german edition of And the Goths, and probably one or two more. I read a lot of library and friends’ copies!)


Asterix & Cleopatra was always a favourite.

And this is always a good gag.

I read a lot of the Asterix (and Tintin) books out of my local library, but ended up buying quite a few of the ones I really liked. I have maybe half of them I think.


the bottom left panel of this page has one of my all-time favourite shit puns:

(And as a kid, I always loved the list of things that went into the making of the comic, which apparently isn’t on the cover any more!)


I’m guessing that was a riff on the poster for the movie Cleopatra…which wouldn’t be a reference that people would know any more.


I always liked that too.


One of the great things about the puns in Asterix was that they were often completely reimagined in English by the translators (Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge - and it’s testament to how highly I thought of them as a kid that I didn’t even have to look those names up!). They often had to contribute completely new wordplay (and/or literary and cultural references) because the originals just didn’t translate out of French.

(In the case of both “annihilate” and “desert”, though, the French is close enough to the English in both meanings of both words that I imagine it was similar in the original version.)


I came to that realisation, possibly while reading the German version of And the Goths I had, that I recognised character names were different, but were still puns based on their characteristics. And I got then that the books had different scripts depending on the language, but they were always puns and other language gags


Yeah, the names are always interesting.

There’s a nice interview with Bell here. Translation is a bit of a favourite topic of mine, so I don’t know how interesting it will be for everyone, but I enjoyed it.




I read most of the Asterix books in the school library in Welsh translations. They did the same thing, used the same type of puns for the names but had to change them to fit.


Just saw this in Previews, Ennis fans.

I have not seen it mentioned on here, so here’s a wee heads up if you didn’t know about it.


Well bugger, anyone know if Aftershock will be doing trades?

Ennis-Braun are a hell of a team.


They’ve done trades of previous collections.


Thanks, will go hunting.


Talking of Ennis, Dynamite have a big Comixology sale of his stuff at the moment.


I read the first issue of Royal City and it was great.

I plan to read in trade, but a new Jeff Lemire creator owned book with him on script & art, I couldn’t wait 6 months for the first volume - so I picked up issue 1 for a taste.

Now the problem is I don’t know if I can wait until the first volume to see what happens next.

There’s as good an initial concept here as I’ve seen anywhere in the last few years, it really had me flipping back and forth a few times thinking WTF. It first it was so subtly done that I was questioning whether I had read a name right.
I ended up reading it again, not because I didn’t understand it, just because it was so great.

The flip on the narrator was really well done as well.

Highly recommend it. Image needs a good new series, it’s lost two of its best in Morning Glories and Revival and there’s been nothing startlingly good since Southern Bastards - until Royal City. Very promising.


I agree, thought it was excellent.


Ok, with you two vouching for it and it being a RRP £8.99 trade in a few months, I’ll more than likely give it a go.

I’d say the ongoing Hawkins / Edenverse books are great, but that might just be me.