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But it’s final, Gar. Final!

I don’t want to be kicking myself in five years because I didn’t get it while I had a chance.


Surely Avatar don’t have the same people running their trades division as Marvel?


Alan Moore secretly runs the department for both companies. :wink:


I’m really glad they put 4 issues in, because I bought the 4-issue hardcover from the kickstarter and I was expecting a six-issue collection that I would have to buy just to get two issues :smiley:


They did a Kickstarter for Providence? I didn’t realise that.


Actually I think it was one of the add-on pledges for the Cinema Purgatorio kickstarter. and as I was tradewaiting Providence anyway it seemed worth snagging it them.


I really wish they didn’t. For me it goes against the ethos of the idea, if you can’t sell an Alan Moore book and make a profit then please hand the publishing rights to me.


Yeah it was thrown in with the cinema Purgitorio Kickstarter, that’s how I got mine (my first and last Kickstarter backing)


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Peter Milligan, Tess Fowler, and Shelly Bond are teaming up at IDW for Bond’s imprint Black Crown. The comic will be called Kid Lobotomy and is about an insane hotelier.


Twenty-five years…


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Now reading this article about it:



I quite like what Ferri says in that first one about showing different sides of Italy. Asterix has always traded on stereotypes to an extent, but I like the idea that they’re going to show a bit more nuance and explore the idea that there was more to Italy (and the Roman empire) than just Rome. (And the second one suggests that that could be a problem for Obelix, which could be pretty funny.)

I haven’t read any of the new Asterix books since Astérix et ses amis (which I don’t think ever got an English translated release, although I might be wrong), but this has got me interested in checking them out.


Mmm, checking it seems it didn’t have an english release (I have it in Spanish). Related, recently I bought the Complete Oumpah-Pah :slight_smile:

You aren’t missing much, since that one was released there have been only three (well, maybe four) titles:

  • Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book.
    Released in 2009, it was the last book by Uderzo, and it is really a series of short stories and vignettes. Not a really solid album.
  • Asterix and the Picts
    The first one by the new team in 2013, it was okay, but it is light years behind what Goscinny could do.
  • Asterix and the Missing Scroll.
    An improvement over the previous one, but the story is thin.
  • The fourth one is a re-release of The 12 tasks of Asterix, but in a format similar to How Obelix Fell… (not released in english yet I think, I have it in spanish)

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Thanks for the info.

I enjoyed that original 12 Tasks book when I was a kid, even though it wasn’t a ‘proper’ Asterix book. The “How Obelix Fell Into The Cauldron” book is nice, though - as a different sort of story, it suits the different format a little better.

I might have to look into the new Ferri/Conrad books now that my own kids are approaching the age where they can enjoy Asterix! I still have most of my original collection knocking about somewhere.


Here is the official site:


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