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The title “Black Crown” will be all-encompassing as it represents not only the name of the creator-owned imprint, but also a pub that anchors a mysterious street which connects each creator-owned title. Top creators will tell stories of a singular vision and point of view but will also have the opportunity to intersect with the tapestry of this unprecedented shared environment by way of owning storefront real estate that correlates to their particular creations.

“If you know anything about my reputation, you know that I’m selective about story, art, and design,” said Bond. “The same applies to a publisher. I can’t think of a better fit for BLACK CROWN than with IDW. They appreciate, share and champion my vision for creating concepts that are first and foremost incredible, unconventional, and riveting comic books. I can’t wait to announce the impressive coterie of creators, both familiar and next wave, who are working as we speak to bring back the bravado to creator-owned comics.”

No actual creator/series details yet, but it’s one to watch.


It does make you wonder with Vertigo. They were already contending with a lot of Image material on their traditional turf, now you have Karen Berger and Shelley Bond with their own imprints at other publishers.


I seem to remember that Vertigo was supposed to be where DC’s exclusive talent would do creator-owned work as a condition of their exclusivity. They couldn’t do work at Image or anywhere else. (I think there were a couple of exceptions.)


Isn’t that exactly the same as Icon then?


I’m not sure but I think Icon is closer to Image (if not the same) when it comes to advertising, media rights and ownership.


Oh yeah, good point. How could I forget about Kick-Ass and stuff? Duh.


Yes, that’s the difference. Marvel really don’t make anything from Icon, it’s solely there to keep the top talent happy.

Vertigo is a semi-creator owned thing, they retain certain rights for a certain amount of time (properties have been released, most recently Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country, but only after a few years). I believe they also allow Warners first dibs on any properties for TV and film adaptation.

The plus side for the creators is they pay a page rate upfront.

I think since very few of DCs top talent are creating Vertigo books the main drive now is for that new IP for use in other media and as a launching pad for newer talent. It seems from Scott Snyder and Jason Aaron doing books for Image now again that if you get big enough you can negotiate yourself out of that restriction anyway.


I think it’s easier for writers to negotiate than artists. IIRC, Millar did Empress with Icon because Stuart Immomen was Marvel exclusive.


Yes that’s right.

It’s always different for artists as they generally can’t work on more than one book at a time.

In the end I think fans tend to like to imagine an inherent logic and golden rules to it all to make sense but with anything negotiating power is about how much each party had a level of power and all contracts vary. Neil Gaiman said he would not work for DC on Sandman unless he got the 10% minimum royalty he gets on his books, which DC don’t typically pay, I can only see a scenario where Sandman:Overture appeared because DC backed down and not him.


The incredible thing is, his life story really is a super-hero origin. He makes Bruce Wayne look like a wuss:

I had more than 12 operations, I lost so much blood, it wasn’t good.
I tell people that I have died three times and come back to life - one was when I had my accident, one was when my father left me, and the third time was when I had this surgery.
But now I’m doing very well, my back is straight and thankfully I don’t have pain any more.
The doctors said that if I had stayed in Afghanistan my life expectancy would have been 18. Now I’m 20, so I’m definitely making progress.

It was emotionally hard for me too, because I was feeling that I wasn’t as smart as I’d been in Afghanistan. I was the top of my class there, but now I was new and although I could speak and write English my grammar and spelling were bad. I would feel really depressed that I was not good compared to all my classmates. But eventually I did learn and did very well.
I’m very creative and always try to solve problems, so when I heard about this school called NuVu - a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) school founded by MIT students - I really wanted to go there.
I went to meet the head of the school and I said, "This is exactly where I want to be, I want to come here!"
But then I learned that you had to actually pay. I told them, "I don’t have money, I really want to come here, but I don’t have money."
I think I was the first student that they gave a scholarship to. I went there in 2014 for about two years and learned a lot about engineering.

So I started designing my own invention that would allow me to have a cup-holder, a tripod to hold my camera, a canopy to keep the sun and rain off, and all of these different attachments that I wanted for my wheelchair - I called it the Key 2 Freedom.
It’s 3D printable, magnetised, customisable and everything is controlled by the user. This is important because most companies make products that attach to the back of a wheelchair and which can’t be controlled by the user.
Somehow the White House heard about it and I was invited to the 2015 White House Science Fair and presented to President Obama. I got a lot of publicity.
It turns out that not many similar products exist, so I decided I wanted to actually start a company that developed these products and take them to market. Several of my inventions are now patent pending.



The Solicitations for June thread is up and running with:

Fantagraphics, Viz Media, and 2000 AD.

Thurs. Mar. 16th edit: Dark Horse is up.

Mon. Mar. 20th edit: Boom! Studios is up.

Also, the Solicitations for May thread finally has Previews Text.

Solicitations for June 2017 (w/Previews Text)

Kurt Busiek’s Astro City has reached 100 issues, which is pretty impressive for an “independent” comic.

Issue 41 (which is the 100th honest–there’s a chart to explain it) is as good as the series has ever been, and feels like “classic” Astro City: a look at the city’s history with characters that emotionally hook you and feel like old friends within a few pages.

It even comes up with a believable explanation for why a Tony Stark-type character can exist without making an impact on the general technology level of the world.

After 100 issues, it’s still the best on-going series on the shelves.


Excellent, I was wondering if it had hit that milestone.


I’ll edit the solicit thread later.


Oh, Image! Great, thanks.


Have added Image, Oni Press, and Valiant

Wed. edit: have added IDW, Archie, and AfterShock

Thurs. edit: have added Caliber, and Lion Forge


Heads up: I haven’t looked at UK or CA, but US Amazon has the first Providence HC at $13.50, which is a pretty nice deal. That’s the first four issues plus supplemental stuff in a beautiful book.

They say this will be the only print run of the series, which of course I don’t really believe (and doesn’t preclude them from printing a big omnibus in a few years). But if you have a grain of salt on hand, that is what they’re saying.


Yeah the description in the Book Depository says:

This will not be kept in print any further and this is the final opportunity to get a hardcover edition of the first chapter of Alan Moore’s horror masterpiece .

Lots of caveats there to get around. :smile:


They already said the first printing of the “first act” would be the only time it was collected before a final complete collection, so they’ve already gone back on their word with this new ‘final printing’. :slight_smile:

I agree it’s a great deal though, and well worth picking up at that price.

I buy it digitally in monthly issues, so if I do get a hardcopy it will probably be the eventual complete collection.