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I pretty much agree Chris. I think part of it is a big chunk of the comic is still done by the likes of Wagner, Mills and Abnett who have already worked in the US or have no interest any more. Peter Milligan is back with some strips too, so it isn’t the fertile ground of new writers it quite was in the 80s as they replaced the names that rapidly moved on.

It really does leave Carroll and Worley as the most likely names.


My point exactly :wink:

Tharg was happy with the second draft of my Future Shock pitch. I was expecting to rewrite a few more iterations, and now I look back, I would change a few things (four pages is tough and it’s my first ever script). That was at the back end of November, but I’ve heard nothing about the art, or the publication date.

I sent a Time Twister through the normal slush pile route 11 weeks ago, but I’ve heard nothing back yet. I bet that pile is a mile high - it’s been open since September. I was hoping to hear something before the window closes next month so I could send the next one.

My dream was to emulate the 2015 Writing Competition winner, Rory McConville, who has already written three Future Shocks, a 3hriller, and has got something in this month’s Megazine (haven’t got it yet!). However, I believe he was already an experienced writer with evidence of talent. I’ve got nothing behind me, so I’m still a slush pile jockey.


It’s mentioned in the Thrill Power Overload book that by it’s nature 2000ad keeps a big backlog of work. Some things are fully written and drawn and take up to a year to appear. That contrasts with most US work where when the book is solicited 3 months out it usually hasn’t been drawn yet (hence TBA as artist appearing now and again).

So I can only say that patience is a virtue Drew.


Oh, I have no expectations - just dreams. The whole thing has been an accidental pleasure. I only went to Thought Bubble because my two daughters and I had been disappointed with the MCM creator villages of late, and I said I’d pitch for a laugh. I deliberately joined the queue when I thought it would be too long, but only five people were there at the time.


Apparently when Saga comes back with issue #43 in May, it’ll be a special 25c-priced issue. Nice!


Also, a couple of Spawn items of interest from Image’s May solicits - one a single issue, one a full-size HC:

(W/A) Todd McFarlane (CA) Ashley Wood
2017 marks the 25th anniversary of SPAWN, created by TODD McFARLANE. Spawn debuted to the public, selling 1.7 million copies in 1992 and is on track to be the longest running independent comic ever.

Director’s Cut edition of SPAWN #1 includes:
• Original SPAWN #1 art boards
• Page commentary by TODD McFARLANE.
• Vintage surprises from the early days of SPAWN


(W/A/CA) Todd McFarlane
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of SPAWN, Todd McFarlane has opened his personal vault and is collecting the first seven issues of SPAWN in their original artboard form.

Included in this SPAWN VAULT EDITION Artboard Book:
• Never-before-published original art boards
• New oversized (12.25″x 17.25″) hardcover book
• Included in this special edition, are a few extra surprises from TODD.
• Randomly selected books will be inserted with a one-of-a-kind sketch by TODD McFARLANE.


I know, it’s Spawn, but I feel like I could be tempted.


Let’s not forget Ian Edginton who still writes great stuff for 2000 ad and has worked for pretty much every US publisher.


Have added Oni Press, IDW, AfterShock, and Scout Comics.




I had never seen this series before, but those preview pages are enough to sell me on this. Thanks Sean!

If it’s ok I’ll reproduce the full solicit info here for those interested:


MAY 17 / 176 PAGES / FC / M / $29.99

Originally published as a groundbreaking three-part Vertigo miniseries, DEVIN GRAYSON’s USER explores sexual identity and online role-playing in the text-based MUDs of the nineties. Featuring breathtaking art by SEAN PHILLIPS and JOHN BOLTON, USER—which was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for its authentic portrayal of gender fluidity—is as relevant and powerful today as it was when first created.[/quote]


Thanks, Dave!


Thumbnails :heart_eyes:
A Godsend for us wannabee creators.

Haven’t seen this title before, but it looks amazing and, in the NWO, very topical.


So pumped for new Youngblood. Our illustrious leader, @Mark_Millar, even gets a name drop in the article.


Have added Image, Titan, and Previews Order Forms

Feb. 24th update:
Have added Archie, Caliber, and Dynamite



Have added Aspen

Monday update: Have added Black Mask, Bongo, Chapterhouse, Lion Forge, Magnetic Press, and Vault.

Tuesday update: Have added American Mythology, Devil’s Due/1st Comics, and Zenescope.


Lots of Image announcements at ECCC:


Thanks Paul. Anyone ever read Wagner’s Mage books? Would suspect they’ll get new Image editions released near the time of the new series.


Never read Mage, but want to. New hardcovers would by awesome. New colouring by B. Wagner would be even more so. Fingers crossed!


I have to admit I haven’t looked at Mage because it was unfinished and who knew if it would be? With completion now in the picture, I think quite a few people would give it a try.