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Let me guess, it’s Stan Lee and Art Spiegelman.


Sadly not, it was Larry Hama and Judd Winnick.

I actually got linked to this article earlier, it’s a load of old bollocks. There’s maybe one convincing link in there which is masturbatory sigil comment in Promethea to counter The Invisibles letters page request.


Moore is actually pretty respectful of Sigil Magick in Promethea. The depiction of Austin Osman Spare in the book is far more respectful than that of Alestier Crowley, and Moore’s magick is far closer to the Thelemite tradition than Spare’s.


Poor Heathcliff…


The Solicitations for May thread is up and running with Action Lab and Dark Horse.

Solicitations for May 2017 (w/Previews Text)

Oh? That’s fast, even for DHC, thanks.

EDIT: Looks like The Visitor mini is paving the way to the next series of BPRD.



Will always be interested thanks to Berger’s track record.


This passed me by. I would totes read an Inhumanoids comic, but as with MASK, a proper faithful take on the concept, not one spun out of a different Hasbro comic. (Also, not to be one of those “boo, diversity” guys, but is that Salvo as a woman and if so why?)


That’s great news, really excited to see what emerges from Berger’s line


That’ll be worth keeping an eye on all right.


Yeah, I hope sincerely she does some new and daring stuff.


I think Berger was editing Surgeon X at Image. The. Ok didn’t click with me and dropped it with Issue 2 or 3.


She was (or still maybe is),those are the views I’ve seen as well that it’s just ok.

Not everything she picked at Vertigo was a winner either of course but she has a better hit rate than pretty much any other editor in recent times.


I’m pretty fond of Bob Schreck. Nice guy too.


Karen needs to come to the UK and headhunt 2000AD writers again (once they’ve actually been published, hopefully some time in the next few weeks, maybe) :wink:


She was on the 2000ad thrillcast just a few weeks back. I don’t think she’s forgotten what a great poaching ground it is. :wink:



Have added Valiant, and Boom! Studios.


Only thing is, 2000ad has dried up a bit recently on the writing side. It’s got a wee bit thin on the ground (which is slightly concerning).

There’s been a bunch of creators have made the step across the Atlantic recently, some to Vertigo, others elsewhere - so Karen Berger wouldn’t have a lot to choose from currently.

Ewing and Williams are obviously well established in the US now, Dowling has been working at Vertigo on Unfollowed and obviously Davis Hunt has hit the big time pretty quickly on WildStorm.
David Baillie has also really quickly jumped to Vertigo with Red Thorn.
PJ Holden has been doing a bit recently at Dark Horse on World of Tanks.

It really only leaves Alec Worley and Michael Carroll in terms of writers with real potential at this stage - and I get the feeling Carroll is quite happy doing Dredd and the likes - he did do Jennifer Blood recently, but I think that title suited him, and I hope he’s happy staying on Dredd because he is a fantastic Dredd writer.

I think writers need to have a few quality Future Shocks and a good few decent, polished runs under their belt first - from what I’ve read of a lot of the others, there’s been nothing startling. Not to say they won’t improve, because even Ennis wasn’t great when he broke thru on 2000ad - although he did know how to find a hook and tell a story.

I’m hoping we see some new names make the breakthrough soon, but I think people need to learn to run before they walk and appreciate that 2000ad shouldn’t just be a stepping stone to the US and get at least 3-5 years of stories under their belts first.