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Yeah, I’ll settle for an OHC4 though, maybe it’ll turn up - would be a scuzzy move not to after having issued 1-3.


Have added AfterShock, Black Mask, Dynamite, and Zenescope

Tues. Jan. 31st edit: added Viz Media and Caliber Comics


New Asterix Album in 2017

In the village of the Gauls, we’re celebrating the new year by announcing the release of a new Asterix album on 19 October 2017!

Barely two years since Asterix and the Missing Scroll, our heroes, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, are back with new adventures by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad.

And even though it’s a little too early for us to say much more, the two authors have revealed a scoop: “Even though we can’t reveal the main thrust of the story, we can tell you it will be about a trip abroad, as is traditional with every few albums! After staying in Gaul for Asterix and the Missing Scroll, this time our heroes are taking readers on an adventure beyond the border!”

More at:


Anyone reading RAGNAROK by Walt Simonson? Work picking up?

Looks interesting in comparison to RUMBLE by Arcudi.


Ragnarok is excellent, especially in the OHC editions IDW are putting it out in.

It’s Simonson doing a big, bold story with the destruction and bombast turned up to 11.


Both series are awesome. Rumble’s crazy action orientated; Ragnarok is more of a slow burn, but no less awesome for it.


Have added Legendary, Bongo, as well as Previews Text

Fri. Feb. 3rd update: have added Avatar, Devil’s Due/1st Comics, and Scout


RAGNAROK is very good. Action packed and still dramatic without much to slow it down. It does have a slight problem with a hero that is just too overpowered but it promises some serious confrontations with equally powerful antagonists in the coming climax.

Finally got around to PROVIDENCE 11. Honestly, I thought the series ended at 10 so I was surprised to see it on the stands. In some ways I think 10 would’ve been a better ending. No, essentially, we are in a straight sequel to Neonomicon which is not as interesting as the story set at the beginning of the 20th century.


I am really interested to see how #12 is going to tie it all up. The eleventh issue felt like an epilogue to the series, that rushed forward and showed the aftermath of the main story and cultural absorption of Lovecraft. What more there is to do with the story, I haven’t a clue. Maybe it will tie itself in even more overtly with The Courtyard and Neonomicon than it has done so far. Probably I should reread those.


Witchfinder - City of the Dead #1-5 was a wonderful pilot episode for a Sir Edward Grey ongoing series. I know this is the fourth such mini-series, but this one, more than any other beforehand, really stepped up with the world building - a range of supporting characters were introduced; plot threads were pulled that did not tie off neatly by series’ end. I hope this was intentional, and that more stories are on the way. Ben Stenbeck’s art was fantastic too - he’s really developed into an amazing storyteller. Excellent stuff.

Rise of the Black Flame #1-5 was, perhaps, an even more satisfying read as it stands on it’s own more neatly (albeit not entirely, as it leads into the title character’s appearance in Lobster Johnson). An old fashioned pulp adventure, set in the jungles of Asia, with dashing heroes and a blood thirsty cult. I hope to see more of Miss Jewell and her travelling companion again.

Both series were written by Chris Roberson, and whilst not strictly his debut in the Mignolaverse, are his first major works. As such I’m relieved to say that I enjoyed them both immensely. I was really worried when John Arcudi stepped down from the bulk of BPRD writing duties. I needn’t have paniced; Roberson’s a fine replacement.


Great, I’ll be nabbing both trades in a couple of months.

I liked Roberson’s work on Hellboy & the BPRD too.


Has there been any news in a while about Greg Rucka’s Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether webcomic? There have been promises of it resuming but it hasn’t updated in sometime.

Today, it appears that the site is down.


Haven’t heard a peep since the Kickstarter finished :slightly_frowning_face:


They had started back up after the original Kickstarter for Volume 1. The last webcomic was posted on January 25th, 2016.


Hmm. Did not know that.

Maybe it’s another victim of DC Rebirth hitting last spring. Black Magick disappeared (for obvious reasons) but Lazarus has got hit by more than a few delays too.


Have added: Aardvark Vanaheim, Fantagraphics, 215 Ink, American Mythology, Vault, Lion Forge, and Rothic.

I’m pretty sure that will be it.

Have started the Solicitations for May thread, but won’t see any action for 7-10 days (maybe), and the bulk of solicits coming after Monday Feb. 20th (President’s Day in the U.S.)


Anyone read We Stand on Guard? Can you recommend anything similar?? I love this book!!



What the heck is that cover in the article?


Two of the Greatest Comic Book Writers Have Been In An Occult War for 25 Years