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I’m a huge fan of Hard SF, so the concept had me sold on trying it out. But while the first volume is a pretty good comedy/drama, it turns into an incredibly heartfelt personal drama, and an excellent Hard SF story at the same time.

The TV series is also excellent, telling much the same story in a different way.


Just looked up Planetes. Sounds really interesting. Kind of like the anime Wings of Honneamise with extra Arthur C Clarke. I’ll probably see if I can get it digital somewhere.

Speaking of sci-fi stuff. I just recently read up the 2000 AD Dan Dare omnibus. It’s interesting to see them go for a Dune meets Arthur C Clarke style speculative sci-fi to more of a Dredd meets Han Solo approach.


It reminds me a lot of the Near Space/Rude Astronaut novels by Allen Steele, which told stories of blue-collar workers in space in the near future.


I liked those. And what-his-face - Vinge? Yeah! Vernor Vinge.


I’ve only read A Deepness in the Sky by Vinge, but I really enjoyed it. Keep meaning to pick up A Fire in the Deep.


It’s been so long I’ve forgotten what I read, but seem to recall early works of his had something to do with space construction crews. I should think he’d be something like Asimov, as they are both math professors. Vinge’s wife is a sci-fi writer, though, not a psychiatrist!


I have a small bundle of manga I picked up in my travels for a buck a pop that I need to dig into, but my comic pile is considerable, especially the backlog of buck a pop back issues! :slight_smile: Let’s not go there with my trades pile. I’m just catching up through the last three issues of Heavy Metal mag, but I think you’re correct, though, TZ. I will, however, take up Lorcan’s PlanetES suggestion once I chop down my cumbersome reading loads.


Cool. I’ll check it out. I haven’t read too much speculative/realistic science fiction. Thanks for the tips!


No idea how available it is now but Two Faces of Tomorrow was a good read.


Dark Horse did a trade of it like 10 years after the individual issues came out. I was impressed they put the whole thing into a single volume, because that was 12 extra-sized issues at the time!


Yeah, I have that - it’s a monster volume.


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Just read Jacked by Kripke and Higgins. I like the “limitless -esque” concept of an everyday guy taking pills that make him a superhuman - but it reminded me of a lesser version of Millars work, especially “MPH”. Some of the stuff in there just seemed to be there for shock value and the main female character and big bad weren’t fleshed out as much as I’d like.



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Hmmm. Single issues or wait for the oversized HC?


You’re going to have to wait a decade.


There’s already one out - Shemp Buffet.

It’s gloriously mad.


It would be nice if they could collect the original series though, so that people can y’know, read it.
I think Comixology has been sneakily putting the issues of that first series up there, but it was at a slow rate (why can’t they just upload an arc worth of comics in one go?) and I’m not sure if they’re done yet.

Edit: The movie is still coming, right?


Pretty certain DHC had plans to translate and issue it.