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That’s an interesting tidbit. Would the flipping really matter that much?
1.5 is being done as well. They’re all called “deluxe” editions and are in hardcover.
There doesn’t seem to be any pictures for them yet though. The listings for 1.5 have the cover to Stand Alone Complex, which seems like a stupid mistake to make. Hopefully the final product is good.


Whoooooaaaaaaaaa…I need to get in on this. One of my all-time favorite books.


Providence #12, the final issue, got solicited.

It’s going to be crazy.


It can change the flow of the story, especially in terms of leading one’s eye in a particular direction. Manga authors especially design their pages to be read in specific directions, and something as simple as flipping the pages can change that.

Hiroaki Samura, the creator of Blade of the Immortal actually insisted that the art be rearranged panel by panel to fit Dark Horse’s left-to-right translation in the 90s and keep the flow of the page as it would have been in an unflipped comic.

And it must be noted Blade of the Immoral is one of the most beautiful comics I’ve ever read.


I recently started reading that in my efforts to broaden my horizons and was curious about this process. Are there any side by side comparisons out there? I know there was an issue with flipping the kanji symbol on his back making it a swastika.


I thought #11 was pretty crazy. Can’t imagine what #12 will bring.


I have a theory on the ending using the bounds of meta fiction that Moore seems to be playing with.


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Cerebus in Hell? So freakin’ hilarious.


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Dude I’m going to buy this COLOR AKIRA HARDCOVER looks so dope


The new Akira edition will mostly be black and white, but it will retain the colour for the pages that were painted in the original.


I have the Epic/Marvel Akira. I might pick up the new one if they release it in no DRM digital.


Akira would look dope even if you coloured it in crayon.
Otomo is just that good.


He knows.


Even in black and white, this was EPIC!!! Of course, I’m a fan of black and white films and underground B&W comics.


You are never coming to my house Ross. Like ever :wink:


I think Akira spoilt me. When I looked at the manga shelf in Gosh recently. I couldn’t find anything that looked interesting to read. All the odd-ball manga died with the end of the great manga glut, and now everything seems to be telling the same story with the same art style…

Next: grumpy old man shouts at clouds.


Have you read PlanetES? It’s been reissued recently in an omnibus format with a new translation and all the colour pages restored. One of my favourite comics of recent years.


Good tip :slight_smile: Funnily enough, PlanetES was the thing I ended up walking out with. I wasn’t immediately taken with it, but an Alex De’camp recommendation on the cover, convinced me that it might be better than it looked on first glance.